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It contains no precious metals -- worth about $2.00

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How do you write in words 506571 dollar?

Five hundred six thousand, five hundred seventy-one dollars.

How do you spell 503.74 dollar?

Five hundred three dollars and seventy four cents or Five hundred three and seventy four over hundred dollars or Five hundred three point seven four dollars

How do you spell the number 479.00 in word form?

Four hundred seventy-nine or four hundred seventy-nine dollars if it's a dollar amount. To write this amount on a check would be: Four hundred seventy-nine and 00/100 dollars

How do you write 970650 us dollar in words?

Nine hundred and seventy thousand, six hundred and fifty dollars.

How do you spell 875 dollar?

The correct spelling is "eight hundred and seventy five dollars"

How do you spell 488.75?

The numeral 488.75 is "four hundred eighty-eight and seventy-five hundredths" (or one-hundredths).In dollar currency, this is "four hundred eighty-eight dollars and seventy-five cents."

How do you write a 749876000.00 dollar check?

Seven hundred forty-nine million eight hundred seventy-six thousand and 00/100 dollars

How do I write in words US Dollar 186773.89?

One hundred eighty-six thousand, seven hundred seventy-three dollars and eighty-nine cents. For check writing you can write: One hundred eighty-six thousand, seven hundred seventy-three and 89/100 dollars

How do you spell 470.99 in English?

If this were for a mathematics class, it would be correct to say:four hundred seventy and ninety-nine hundredths.More informally, you could say:four hundred seventy point ninety-nine.If there were a dollar sign in front of the number, you could say:four hundred seventy dollars and ninety-nine cents.

How do you write dollar 174.09?

For writing a check in that amount, use this: One hundred seventy-four and 09/100 dollars

How do you write 3474391.69 us dollar in words?

"Three million, four hundred seventy-four thousand, three hundred ninety-one dollars and sixty-nine cents"

Two hundred four thousand seventy four and cents twenty seven only?

Symbol for dollar followed by: 204,074.27 cents

How will you write 52 571.20 dollar in words?

Fifty-two thousand, five hundred seventy-one dollars and twenty cents.

What fraction of a dollar is seventy-three pennies?

As a fraction, seventy three pennies is 73/100 of a dollar.

How do you write 1.173 dollars in figures?

Firstly 0.003 of a dollar doesn't exist. however it would be: One and one hundred and seventy three thousandths of a dollar. One dollar, seventeen cents and three tenths of a cent.

What is the Mexican dollar worth compared to the Canadian dollar?

Nothing... THERE ISN'T MEXICAN DOLLAR!!! In Mexico the currency used is the MEXICAN PESO.

How much is 500 pesos worth?

Five hundred Mexican pesos are equal to 38.10 US dollars. There are 13.12 Mexican pesos in one United States dollar.

How much is three hundred dinars in dollar?

two hundred dollar

What president is on the two hundred dollar bill?

The same president is on the two hundred dollar bill as is on the three dollar bill: NONE. There is no two hundred dollar bill.

How do you write out a 70 dollar check?

Seventy and 00/100 dollars

What is a v carranza one hundred dollar Mexican gold coin worth in US currency?

In good condition as much as 500 or $600 that

What is a Mexican dollar bill worth?

A Mexican dollar bill is worth about 10 cents here.AnswerThere is no such thing as a Mexican dollar bill. Mexican currency is denominated in pesos. In any case they do not issue 1 peso bills.

What is Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Euro in US dollars?

One Euro is equal to 1.3279 United States Dollar which means: 250,000 Euro = 331,975 USD It works out to three hundred and thirty one thousand and nine hundred and seventy five USD

How much is a Mexican Milled Dollar?

1 dollar

How many five dollar bills are in a hundred dollar bill?

one hundred dollars is equal to twenty times five dollars, but there are NO five dollar bills in a hundred dollar bill.