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50-500 USD depending on EXACTLY what you have, condition, accessories, box, manual, etc..

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Q: What is the value of the win 69A 22 long rifle?
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What is the value of win 69a 22 rifle?

50-500 USD depending on specifics, accessories, papers, box, etc..

What is the value of a weatherby 300 win mag rifle?


What is value of husqvarna 308FFV win rifle?

100-300 or so

Manufacturing dates for win model 69a?

Sometime between 1937 - 1963. Winchester did not serialize the Model 69/69A, therefore it is not possible to determine a precise year of manufacture.

What is the value of a 308 Win Remington rifle?

about 200$ us if its in good shape

Herters j9 rifle 300 win mag value?


What is the wholesale value for Remington model 700.270 mountain rifle?

what is the value of a used remington 700 in .270 win

Will a rifle with W. F Sheard stamped in be of more value to a Win 1895?

Depends on who he is

What is the value of a 270 win mag bolt action rifle?

You need to know the make, grade and model. 270 mag rifle could be anything

Is the ruger American 308 win bolt action rifle a long or short action?

Ruger American Rifle short action calibers (.243 Win, .308 Win, 7mm .08 Rem, 22-250)

What is the value of WesternField Montgomery ward model M782 cal243 win rifle?

50-350 usd

Value of 116 fcss model savage rifle 338 win mag?

740.00 plus tax CAD

What is the value of a Sako .243 Win bolt action rifle?


What is the value of a firearms international 264 win mag rifle worth it may have a sako action and barrel?


What is the value of a 22 semi auto model 190 win rifle in good condition?

20-200 USD or so

What is the value of sears model win 300 mag rifle?

A Sears Model 300 Winchester Mag rifle could actually be worth several thousand dollars. A rifle in very good condition can sell for up $3,500.

What is the value of a refinished 38-55 Model 1894 Win Ser?

While the real value of your rifle was in the original finished rifle,that does not mean that the value is completely gone.I would need to know the amount of refinishing done,(wood,metal,barrel etc.)The bore condition,and if any pro gunsmith has performed the work(Turnbull restorations etc.) to give a more exact value to your rifle.

What is the value of savage model 110 .270 win?

About $300, depending on exact version and condition. Really good rifle, BTW.

What is the value of a Marlin 30-30 win?

That would depend on the overall condition of the rifle,and bore.The age will have some bearing on the value of it also(this can be established by supplying a serial number).

What is a Birmingham small 270 win rifle value?

BSA made several different models in .270- value will depend on EXACT model and condition, but could run $200-$400.

I have a Winchester model 94 30-30 win rifle 3675475 what is its age and value?

Mid 1970s, and the value is minimal due to it being a post-1963 manufactured Model 94.

What is the value of a pre 64 firearms international 264 win mag rifle you think it may have a saco action and sako barrel?


What is the value of a Winchester model 03 auto?

Winchester model 1903 was made from 1904-1932. 126,000 built. Value goes from $250-$1500 all depends on condition. What's the serial #?. They shoot .22 win auto, not .22 cal short, long or long rifle.$12-15 a box. Big Jake 1001

What is a win mag rifle?

Rifle chambered in one of the cartridges named Winchester Magnum- such as the .300 Winchester Magnum- or .300 Win mag for short.

What is the age and value of Winchester Model 94 30-30 Win rifle serial 2505057?

The year was 1955 and worh about 650.00 to 750.00 if it is flawless