What is the value on a Winchester model 94 serial number 6975xx?

Your weapon was manufactured in 1913. And now for the hard part: Value depends on configuration and condition. The former include individual characteristics such as barrel and magazine lengths,a "flavor" (cal.) of cartridge, deluxe model or everyday shooter, etc. Special documentation may increase the value (e.g., who owned the gun, where used - I once had a saddle carbine taken off the body of a member of Pancho Villa's band w/ a handwritten letter signed by witnesses; bloodstains were still on the rifle - otherwise, it was just an "old gun"). Use one or more of the standard reference books for an ESTIMATE of APPROXIMATE VALUE (not going price) based on the criteria in the book (usually based on the NRA Condition Grading Definitions For Antique Firearms -- try http://www.oldguns.net/ or Google the question). The common thread for higher value weapons in the NRA (and others) categories is percent of original finish. Some very wise person here on the "Farm" pointed out that "...books don't buy guns....". The heartbreaking reality is that "book" value, is likely to be considerably lower than the PRICE someone is willing to pay and that you, the seller, are willing to accept. Don't forget the sentimental value when looking at an offer to buy ("..but that was gran'pa's huntin' rifle when he was a kid..." C'est la vie, eh? Hope this helps and that you have a valuable or at least interesting piece to enjoy. -j.