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COLD adjustment:

Intake 0.10 MM

Exhaust 0.35 MM

Hot adjustment:

Intake 0.15 MM

Exhaust 0.40 MM

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Q: What is the vavle lash for a 1985 300SD?
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What is the vavle lash for a 292 straight 6?

There is no valve lash. That engine has hydraulic lifters.

How many quarts of automatic transmission fluid does the 1985 Mercedes 300sd take?

6.5 quarts for a filter change.

What are the four vavles of the heart?

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Overheating in 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300SD?

Could be the thermostat or water pump. Check the radiator for crud buildup (bugs, leaves, road trash)

Where is the transmission solenoid of a 2005 dodge dakota?

It is inside the trans, on the vavle bodyIt is inside the trans, on the vavle body

Are all 1882 300sd Mercedes automatic transmissions a 3 speed or 4 speed?

there are NO 1882 300sd, 1982 all has 4 speed at.

What is the aortic valve disease?

It's where the Aortic Vavle is diseased by narrowing of the Vavle or thickening of the tissue.

What is a 1985 Mercedes 300SD worth?

I paid about a grand for mine in decent shape and drive it everyday. In pristine condition (VERY RARE for something that old) they can sell for between 5 and 10 grand.

Pvc location 97 wrangler 2.5?

It uses an orifice in the top rear of the vavle cover not a PCV vavle.

What is the difference between a 300SD Mercedes and a 240D Mercedes?

They both are the W123 body type. A 240D has a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder diesel engine, and a 300SD has a 3.0 liter 5 cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. The 300SD is also a higher end S class model.

How many quarts of transmission fluid does a 300sd take?


What is the length of a 1982 Mercedes 300SD?

5,020 mm (197.6 in)

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