What is the verb for error?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Q: What is the verb for error?
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What is past tense of error when error is the verb?

I don't think 'error' can be a verb. The verb form is err(pt. erred ; pp.erred).

What is the noun of error?

"error" is the noun form. "err" is the verb form.

What part of speech is Mistakes?

The word mistake is a noun and a verb. The noun form is an error. The verb form means to make an error.

What part of speech is the word error?


What is the noun or verb error in this sentence The huge number of inquirys resulting from the news announcement overwhelmed their two websites?

There are no verb errors in the sentence.The noun error is the word inquiries is misspelled.

How do you spell err or to make an error?

The spelling of the verb is to err (make a mistake) and the noun is error (mistake, flaw).

How do you spell failer?

The noun form of the verb to fail is spelled failure (not a success, or an error).

Could you use dealed as the past tense form of the verb deal?

Yes you could, but you would be using it in error. In English, people speak and write in error all the time. Dealt is the correct form of the past tense of the verb to deal.

Does this have a subject-verb agreement error Nine innings are the usual length of a baseball game?

Yes. plural subject - nine innings plural verb - are

What is an error in verb usage?

two many verbs - I am go to the station. wrong tense - I go to the station yesterday. wrong verb form - I am liking this.

What is the error in sentence-He suggested leave at ten o'clock?

The verb tense is wrong. You have to say, he suggested leaving at ten o'clock. Since the verb leave is being used as the object of the verb suggest, you need the gerund tense. Which is to say, the verb is acting as a noun.

Definition of the word sin?

Verb: missing the mark some synonyms: evil, error, wickedness, immorality