What is the verb for reinforce?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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The word reinforce is already a verb because it describes an action. "To reinforce something".
Other verbs are reinforces, reinforcing and reinforced.

Some example sentences are:
"I will reinforce the doors".
"He reinforces the windows in case the Zombies try to break in".
"We are reinforcing the defences".
"We reinforced the rules".

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That's it - reinforce.

The government will reinforce its military presence along the borders

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Q: What is the verb for reinforce?
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Plural word for reinforce?

The plural of reinforce is reinforces.

Is reinforce an abstract word?

The word 'reinforce' is a verb (reinforce, reinforces, reinforcing, reinforced). The noun form for the verb is 'reinforcement', which is a concrete or an abstract noun depending on use. Examples: Concrete: The reinforcement that supports the steps has broken. Abstract: He needs positive reinforcement when he behaves properly.

Is didn't an adverb?

Didn't = "did not". The "not" part is an adverb.The "did" part is an auxiliary verb, used to reinforce whatever verb it helps out.

What is the participle verb in the sentence the experience has reinforced your desire to becvome a teacher?

reinforced.Reinforced is the past participle of the verb reinforce.

What is one sentence with the word reinforce?

you should reinforce that fence

What is the sentence for reinforce?

The sandbags were used to reinforce the dike wall.

What are the differences between the words abate and reinforce?

Reinforce is the opposite of abate

Can you give me a sentence with the word reinforce in it?

she was not listening so i had to reinforce the rules

What is an interrogative sentence with the word reinforce?

must i reinforce to you the importance of telling the truth

When was Reinforce Love created?

Reinforce Love was created on 2007-12-10.

What does reinforce mean?

It means that the sterling is hollow and has cement inside to add weight.

What Analogy for abolish and reinforce?

Abolish means to put an end to and reinforce means to strengthen or support. An analogy for abolish and reinforce could be eliminate and support or destroy and strengthen.