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There is no verb that means 'of the tire'. 'Of the tire' implies an adjectival meaning.

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Q: What is the verb meaning of the tire?
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What part of speech is the word tire?

Noun as in automobile tire. Verb ... when you tire a car, you replace a tire or tires OR become weary, fatigued is to tire or tire out.

Is tired a noun or verb?

The word 'tired' is the past participle, past tense of the verb to tire. The past participle of the verb also functions as an adjective.The noun form of the verb to tire is the gerund, tiring.The noun form of the adjective tired is tiredness.

What part of speech is the word tired?

Depends on the context. If its something like, "she tired me" then its a verb. If its something like, "I am tired" then its an adjective. Hope this helps...Tired is not a verb it is an adjective.The verb is tire. The sentence should be she tires me.The past tense of the verb "tire" is "tired".

Is tired a verb?

No. too - adverb tired - adjective

Is WANT a helping verb?

A helping verb has no meaning on its own. The word want has a meaning, so it is not a helping verb.

Why is an irregular verb like a flat tire?

they both have to be changed

Is creek a verb?

No, creek, meaning a small stream, is not a verb, but creak, an onomatopoeic word meaning a sound, can be used as a verb.

What are the differences between finite and infinitete verb?

A finite verb is a verb that has a complete meaning eg I am dancing.while an infinite verb is a verb that deosn't have a complete meaning eg dancing.

Similar meaning of pharasel verb economize?

similar meaning of pharasel verb economize

What verb has the meaning as to look into the cause of something?

The verb "investigate" has the meaning of looking into the cause of something.

What is the verb that matches the meaning of blowup?

explodeBlow up is a verb it is a phrasal verb.

Is dip a action verb yes it is?

Actually, "dip" is a verb, but not an action verb. It is specifically a transitive verb, meaning it requires an object to complete its meaning. For example, "I dip my chip in salsa."