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expensively, excessively, exaggeratedly, profusely, excessively, elaborately, ornately, gaudily

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Q: What is the verb of extravagance?
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Is extravagance a noun?

extravagance is a noun

What is the definition of extravagance?

Extravagance is overly showy and grandiose.

What does out-Heroded Herod mean?

To exceed in violence or extravagance

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Where is the Wheel of Extravagance in Neopets?

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Why does Islam condemn extravagance?

It is against the Islamic principles which ask people to be modest and to aviod being overconsumers .. also Islam alway teachs us to be in the middle .. Islam calls for generousity but not extravagance. P.s you can search for "Islam and extravagance" on Google.

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What is extravagance in a sentence?

While buying a new car might have been a necessity having it gold plated was pure extravagance. The gift was pure extravagant.

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