What is the violins full name?

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Violin is the full name.

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Q: What is the violins full name?
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Who is erich pfretzschner?

Erich Pfretzschner is a maker of violins, or at least a name brand of violins.

What is the name of the second group of violins in an orchestra?

Second Violins. (There is a difference between First and Second violins, but they are still violins. First Violins typically take the high notes, and often the melody, while the second violins play the lower registers and echo the first violins. Sometimes Second Violins take the melody.)

What is the highest stringed instrument in an orchistra?

The violin is the highest instrument in a string orchestra. The violins are divided into two sections (1st violins and 2nd violins), the 1st violins usually play the tune and play higher than the 2nd violins. However, the piccolo is the highest instrument in a full orchestra. The difference between a string orchestra and a full orchestra is that the string orchestra has only stringed instruments while a full orchestra has strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion.

How many violi ns in an orchestra?

A full orchestra has 30 violins.

How many vilion are they in an orchestra?

A full symphony generally has 30 violins.

What was the name of the violins rival in the 17th century?


What is the name of people who fix violins are called?


Do all shoulder rests fit all violins?

If you get a full size sholder rest, it can ajust to fit all violins. If you get a 3/4 size sholder rest, it will only fit 3/4 violins and below. If you are looking for a good sholder rest, get an adujustable full size one. The brand does not matter, if they are a full size and adujustable, it does not matter the price.

What is the name of the two violins in a string quartet?

The two violins in a string quartet are typically just referred to as Violin I and Violin II

How many violins in an orchestra?

it depends in every orchestraIt's spelled "violin," and a full orchestra has 30.

How many sizes do violins come in?

Violins come in seven different sizes (1/16,1/10,1/8,1/4,1/2,3/4, and 4/4 or a full-size violin.

Why are violins called violins?

violins are called violins because the word vitual is latin for stringing instrument and our way of saying it is Violin

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