What is the viscosity difference between the hpmc k4m and hpmc k15m?

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k4m (4000 cps )and k15m (15cps) differs in viscosity they are two grades of hpmc polymer

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What is the relation between relative viscosity and apparent viscosity?

Relative Viscosity often refers to that of a Polymer Solution and is defined as the ratio of the viscosity of the solution to the pure solvent. It is calculated experimentally by measuring the time that it takes for the pure solvent to pass through a certain tube, in certain conditions , and compari ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between high and low viscosity?

Viscosity is a property of liquids, showing that liquid's resistance to flow. A liquid with a high viscosity would mean it flowed slowly. A liquid with a low viscosity would mean it flows rather quickly.

What is the relationship between viscosity and internal friction?

Viscosity is a measure of the resistance of a fluid which isbeing deformed by either shear stress or tensile stress. Ineveryday terms (and for fluids only), viscosity is "thickness" or"internal friction". Thus, water is "thin", having a lowerviscosity, while honey is "thick", having a higher viscosi ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between viscose and rayon?

viscose (also known as viscose rayon) is a group of fabrics and yarns produced by extruding cellulose solution through holes in a spinneret, then coagulating the resulting filaments in an acid (the viscose process). There are several different sort of viscose fibres made by modifying this process, e ( Full Answer )

Relation between surface tension and viscosity?

Surface tension is the amount of attraction the surface of an object has. Surface tension is easily demonstrated by observing a pool of water. Put your finger in the water and slowly... i mean "slowly"... pull your finger away and you will see the water is actually attracted to your finger and th ( Full Answer )

What is the relationship between viscosity and density?

There is no relationship because water, pours easily and has a low density and syrup has a high viscosity at room temperature when heated it will pour quite easily while the density stays the same.

What is the difference between viscosity and surface tension?

Viscosity is the resistance of flow and surface tension is the lateral force of the bonds between the molecules. Of course, viscosity is resistance of flow and surface tension of lateral force but viscosity is s display of frictional force during laminar flow caused due to intermolecular forces. T ( Full Answer )

Why do liquids have different viscosities?

Different Liquids have Different Viscosities because some liquids are thicker, stronger, thiner, etc. than others, so they have different resistance of different fulids.

What is the difference between surface tension and viscosity?

Surface tension is the elasticlike force existing in the surface of a body or a liquid, tending to minimize the area of the surface, caused by asymmetries in the intermolecular forces between surface molecules and viscosity is defined as the property of a fluid that resists the force tending to caus ( Full Answer )

Why do different liquids have different viscosities?

The viscosity of a substance is dependent on the ability of itsparticles to rearrange and move past each other. This is affectedby their shape and size and by the forces of attraction betweenthem, The greater the forces, the greater the viscosity. Forinstance, the forces between molecules in the hyd ( Full Answer )

How do you prepare solution of hpmc k 100 m?

If you mean HPMC: Hydoroxypropylmethylcellulose then you need to: 1-heat 100ml of DW (deionized water) to 80-90c 2-weight HPMC grams you need to dissolve(1-5%) 3-added HPMC gradually to about 1/4 of water(25ml) while strongmixing is needed 4-then prepare 3/4 of left water with ice in it 5-then added ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between fluid viscosity?

Some fluids are more denser than other fluids. For example, shampoo is more denser than Ketchup or oil or water. Therefore, it has a higher viscosity! The thick/denser/sticker a fluid is the higher the concentrtation of viscosity. Here is a range of some fluids put from high viscosity to low concent ( Full Answer )

What is Difference between Methocel and HPMC E5?

METHOCEL is a well known trademark of The Dow Chemical Company manufacturing cellulose ethers for various industries. Methocel is a trademark for methycellulose whereas HPMC E5 is Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose with very low viscosity of 5 CPS (centipoise) used as rheology modifier as well as water ( Full Answer )

The relationship between shear rate and viscosity?

Shear rate and viscosity are related to each other. According to shear rate and viscosity we can classifying the materials especially paints. Fluids are divided into two types like 1.NEWNONION FLUIDS and 2.NON NWETONINON FLUIDS based on shear rate and viscosity. In fluids if there no change in v ( Full Answer )

How does lava and magma differ in viscosity?

Viscosity varies from one lava to another lava and from one magma to another magma. Magma and lava could have the same viscosity, or be completely opposite on the viscosity spectrum.

What is the difference between adhesion and viscosity?

Stickiness vs Friction Adhesiveness is the measure of how much one type of substance "sticks" to a different kind of substance. i.e., tape has a higher adhesiveness than paper. Viscosity is how "thick" a substance is. i.e., honey has a higher viscosity than water.

What is difference between density and viscosity?

they are two truly different concepts. The density is a measurement of the molecular weight of the composition. In simpler words, density = number of molecules x molecular weight/volume occupied, while the viscosity is a measurement of the inter-molecular forces and molecule shapes. Viscosity tells ( Full Answer )

Can oils of different viscosity's be mixed to get a different viscosity?

Not really. You may have some change if you mix them but nothing you could really measure. The viscosity is a product of the base oil used and the additive package used by the manufacturer. While heavier oils tend to have a higher viscosity they also suspend more dirt and ash as they are being pumpe ( Full Answer )

How do you measure the viscosity of different liquids?

There are several methods. Most use the time it takes, for a standard measured volume to pass through a small hole. It takes the form of a viscosity cup, which holds the required amount and has the standard sized hole at the bottom. Seal the hole with your finger, pour liquid in upto the mark, l ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between low gas low viscosity eruptions compared to a height viscosity and high gas eruptions?

Low gas and low viscosity versus high gas and high viscosity eruptions are characterized by completely different types of eruption. The low gas and low viscosity eruption would be a Hawaiian type of eruption, were the lava free flows from the ground down slope often at the pace of a brisk walk. The ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between viscosity and hardness?

Viscostity is the thickness of a fluid and hardness is of a solid. for example, u would b measuring the viscosity level difference between ketchup and water. water is thin and it's flow rate is fast but ketchup has high viscosity so it's flow rate is slow -zainab

What is the category of HPMC?

The term HPMC can be HydroxyPropyl MethylCellulose is a science term. It is is the category of chemistry. It is a a synthentic compound that is used in eye and oral medications.