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A great video that covers the differences and has great descriptive pictures can be found in the related links. Otherwise the description below is fairly accurate...

Sweet corn may have up to two ears growing from one stalk, while field corn may have one, two, or even three ears per stalk.

Field corn grows very tall, very quickly and has big, broad leaves. Sweet corn grows much shorter and has thinner leaves that are more spread out on the stalks. The flower on sweet corn appears earlier in the season than "cow" corn.

Field corn isn't palatable to most of us used to sweet corn, it is mealy and has little sweetness. In many countries though, in for instance Central and South America, it is eaten like sweet corn and used in many dishes and preparations. It's primary use in the U.S. is for livestock feed, corn meal, and increasingly, ethanol.

Sweet corn has evolved greatly over the last 30 years. plant breeders have developed excellent new varieties of yellow, white, and bi-colored corn (often called butter and sugar which was actually the varietal name of one of the first bi-colored corns). The new SE or sugary enhanced corns retain their flavor longer than the old standard ones. Most local growers, at least in the northeast U.S. grow these varieties. Super sweet varieties hold even longer, enabling them to be shipped longer distances and sold in supermarkets, but they have a crunchy texture and less corn flavor. Purists will tell you that sweet corn should be eaten the day it is picked, but the new SEs allow it to hold for 2 or 3 days, especially if refrigerated. Sweet corn should be refrigerated as soon as possible after being picked to get out the "field heat" and kept that way to lessen the heat of respiration that all fruits and vegetables produce after harvest

The main difference between sweet corn and field corn is how early it is harvested. All corn kernels start out as "sweet", meaning the carbohydrates are mostly in the form of sugars. At this point, there is a lot of water in the kernels, so they are also tender and easy for humans to eat. As the plants mature and and the kernels dry, the sugar is converted to starches, and the kernel becomes too hard for humans to eat. At this point, it's called "field corn".

Now, there are some varieties of corn that have more sugar in the young kernels, and are thus "sweeter" than other varieties or corn, and therefore more likely to be planted for sweet corn. But if you leave the so-called "sweet corn" varieties in the field long enough, you're still going to get field corn. Likewise, there are corn varieties with attributes better suited for field corn. But if you harvest them early, they can be eaten by humans. They're not nearly as sweet as what you might get from a can, but they're edible. I grew up on that, in the southern US.

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Q: What is the visual difference from sweet corn and field corn?
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How do you tell the difference between sweet cornand field corn?

sweet corn is shorter, softer and well sweet.

Can you plant sweet corn and field corn in same field?

You can, but if they pollinate at the same time, the sweet corn will taste all starchy and not sweet because it crossed with the field corn.

Are corn flakes from sweet corn or field corn?

Corn flakes are from food-grade field corn. Sweet corn is pretty much grown for canning, freezing, or fresh eating.

What is the difference berween feed and field corn?

From a farmer's viewpoint, "feed corn" and "field corn" are pretty much interchangeable terms - corn raised for the purpose of feeding stock. The opposite is sweet corn, grown for human consumption.

Is cornmeal made from hard corn or sweet corn?

Field corn, which is sometimes known as dent corn.

What is the most common type of corn?

Field Corn or Sweet Corn are two most common

What is the difference between sweet corn and sweet popcorn?

Sweet corn is a kind of vegetable which is naturally sweet, whereas sweet popcorn has artificial sweetening added to it.

What is the difference between sweet and field corn?

Sweet corn is just as its name implies, it is sweet. Field corn is not sweet. Also, sweet corn is usually for human consumption at an immature stage of growth as the soft kernels that are shaved off the cob, or to be sold as corn on the cob. Field corn is normally allowed to fully mature and dry down. It's usually used for ethanol production or livestock feed, and in grain-form for cereal products including breakfast cereals, harmony and grits, as alcohol and corn whiskey, and other human foodstuffs like starch, oils and sweetners. From a genetic standpoint, the expression of the Su1 or Sh2 recessive genes is what makes corn either sweet, field, or some other type. Please see the related links below for information.

Does sweet corn have more rows of corn than field corn?

no or yes y e s

What is the difference between field corn and popcorn?

Field Corn is healthier than popcorn

Where did sweet corn originate?

Sweet corn occurs as a spontaneous mutation in field corn it was grown by several Native American tribes. The Iroquois tribe gave the first recorded sweet corn to the European settlers.

Are there different types of corn?

Yes, field corn, sweet corn, popcorn, flint corn, and waxy corn are five types.

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