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What is the war on terrorism?

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The "War on Terrorism" is the war going on between the United States and the Taliban (a terrorist organization).

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Who won the war on terrorism?

Can the global War on Terrorism be won

Slogan on terrorism?

the war on terrorism can be never won

Who is the US fighting against in the war on terrorism?

The war on terrorism is fought against Muslim militants.

Do the democrats support the war on terrorism?

Of course they do. No one wants terrorism.

Do democrats support the war on terrorism?

Of course. No one wants terrorism.

Why were at war with Afghanistan?

It is part of the war on terrorism.

What country did the war on terrorism begin in?

The war on terrorism began in the U.S. The 9/11 attack officially marked the beginning of the war in Afghanistan and what would later spread to nearby countries attaining the name War on Terrorism because it was no longer against Afghanistan alone, but terrorism in general.

What has the author Isa Okeke written?

Isa Okeke has written: 'War on terrorism' -- subject(s): Christianity, Islam, Nonviolence, Prevention, Relations, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of War on Terrorism, 2001-, Terrorism, War on Terrorism, 2001- 'Clerics and professors'

Why is there still war in Iraq?

War against terrorism.

Is there a war happening in US?

The war against terrorism.

Which event best illustrates the War on Terrorism?

The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon best illustrate the War on Terrorism.

Who is fighting the global war on terrorism?

Nobody bro. we fight terrorism with peace and tranquility

When was Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal created?

Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal was created on 2003-03-12.

When was Global War on Terrorism Service Medal created?

Global War on Terrorism Service Medal was created on 2003-03-12.

The next war?

Probably in it already...the "Global War on Terrorism."

Compare and contrast the cold war with the war on terrorism?


How did the war on terrorism end?

The 'Global War on Terrorism' as described by past and present US Presidential Administrations is currently still in effect and has not ended.

Which president declared war on terrorism?


Is the US officially at war with terrorism?


How do you win the war on terrorism?

kill mazin

What is the point of the war on Afghanistan?

To end terrorism.

What war was in 2001?

The War on Terrorism but more specifically in Afganistan and Iraq.

Why other countries helping Afghanistan in terrorism war?

that is because terrorism causes threat to different countries.

Has patriotism change from world war 1 through war on terrorism?


Another world war 3?

The Global War on Terrorism is considered to be WW3.