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What is the wavelength of a 60hz power line frequency?

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So electricity moves very near the speed of light ~186,000 miles per second.

There are 5280 feet in a mile. which means electricity moves at about ~982,080,000 feet per second. 60 Hz means sixty cycles per second or 60 waves per second 982,080,000/60 gives you wave length. or ~16368000 feet per wave.

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In the US AC line voltage oscillates at a frequency of what?


Light ray is straight line what is its frequency?

A light ray is a straight line with speed c=fw. The speed c is a constant and the product of the wavelength, w and the frequency f. The frequency is f=c/w, inverse to the wavelength. If the wavelength is long the frequency is low; if the wavelength is small the frequency is high.

How do you know how many hz your power supply has?

In America it should be 60hz. But you can hook up a power meter to the line and find out the real frequency and voltage of the common household or office power line. You may be surprised at the number of spikes and drops in voltage and frequency in a household line. A good UPS can some times tell you as well.

What is the frequency of the radiation producing the most intense line in the cerium spectrum at 418.7nm?

Planck's Constant is the product of frequency and wavelength

What wave with how many MHz would have the longest wavelength?

The wave with the lowest frequency ... the smallest number of MHz ...would have the longest wavelength.Have you ever noticed how sometimes, when you're out in the country andyou drive under a high-voltage electric line, there's this loud BUZZZ on theradio for just a second, while you're exactly under the line ?That's caused by the electromagnetic wave that the power line radiates. Itswavelength is about 3,107 miles, and its frequency is 0.00006 MHz (60 Hz).

One of the lines in the emission spectrum of sodium has a wavelength of 590 nm What is the frequency of this line?


Will a 50Hz component work on 60Hz?

Generally yes, EXCEPT where the appliance needs to know the line frequency in order to do its job, such as a clock, timer, cassette player etc. These will run at the wrong rate when energized from a frequency different from what they're designed for. Appliances that use a lot of power, like motors, will run less well on a different line frequency. A 60Hz motor may overheat on 50Hz. A 50Hz motor may lose a lot of torque on 60Hz. By the way ... all of these remarks assume that the line VOLTAGE is the same as what the component is designed for. A 117V appliance plugged into 220V will work spectacularly well, for about 1/10 of a second, until it blows its fuse or worse. A 220V appliance plugged into 117V will operate just barely, if at all.

How does the interference pattern change as the wavelength changes?

irst, a change in wavelength (or frequency) of the source will alter the number of lines in the pattern and alter the proximity or closeness of the lines. An increase in frequency will result in more lines per centimeter and a smaller distance between each consecutive line.

Absorption line spectrum?

The absorption line spectrum refers to the techniques that is used to measure the absorption of radiation. It measure the absorption of radiation as a function of wavelength or frequency because of its interaction with the sample.

What is a line frequency power diode?

line Frequency diode have very low forward bias drops but their recovery characteristic(time) is very long. Their softness factor is low.

Why is household AC electrical power service line frequency 60Hz or 50Hz?

Whether you use 50 Hz and 60 Hz in the place where you live or work happens to be for historical reasons.If you want to see more detailed information please see the Related Questions shown below.

What is the weakest energy wave?

Among the many categories of radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum, the radiation with the lowest frequency(longest wavelength) carries the least energy. This might be the audio-frequency radiation from speaker-wires,the 60-Hz radiation from utility power lines or AC line-cords within the home, etc.

If the frequency vs wavelength of neutral hydrogen radio emission is 21cm vs 1428MHz where can I find such emissions for other elements all I seem to find is measured in nanometers for some reason?

1 nanometer is the same as 0.0000001 centimeter. The emissions for the other elements that you're finding are in the range of visible light, compared to the 1428 MHz line of hydrogen that's in the low microwave. Their wavelengths are much much much shorter, and their frequencies are much much much higher. To get the frequency of any wavelength, divide 300,000,000 by the wavelength in meters, or divide 30,000,000,000 by the wavelength in centimeters, or divide 300,000,000,000 by the wavelength in millimeters, or divide 300,000,000,000,000,000 by the wavelength in nanometers. The answer is the frequency in Hz. Divide it by 1,000 to get KHz, or divide it by 1,000,000 to get MHz, or divide it by 1,000,000,000 to get GHz. For the wavelength of any frequency, divide 300,000,000 by the frequency in Hz, or divide 300,000 by the frequency in KHz, or divide 300 by the frequency in MHz, or divide 0.3 by the frequency in GHz. The answer is in meters. Multiply it by 100 to get centimeters, or multiply it by 1,000 to get millimeters, or multiply it by 1,000,000,000 to get nanometers.

What frequency corresponds to an absorption line at 527 nm?

5.69 × 1014 Hz

How do you calculate the wavelength of a red line at 670.8 nm?

670.8 nm is the wavelength.

The line spectrum of lithium has a red line at 670.8 calculate the energy of a photon with its wavelength?

2.93x10^-19 Joules first use the v=c/h formula to find frequency then use the energy formula to find energy.

Will a 240V 50hz microwave oven work in with 240V 60hz power?

It would be very strange if moving from 50hz to 60 hz would cause a problem but beware. When a transformer like the one powering a tube in a microwave oven is designed for 60hz is then run at 50hz it may run to hot. generally you can go 10hz higher with little safety concern but if its designed for 60hz don't even try 50hz unless its specified by the maker. Also beware that the magnetron may overheat at 60hz if you don't put in a smaller high voltage capacitor, the power output of a microwave oven is controlled by the line frequency and the capacity of the capacitor so if you go from 50hz to 60 the capacitor is being charged and discharged 10 more times per second, hence the magnetron is firing 10 more times per second. If the oven is rated at 1000 watts at 50hz it might put out 1200 watts at 60hz. To counter this and run the magnetron at the proper power you need a matching smaller uf rated capacitor, say the current one is a 1uf you would have to drop to a .8 or .85uf one for the proper oven wattage at the higher frequency..

How the line traps works in power station?

Line traps are used to restrict high-frequency communication/protection signals to the length, or section, of transmission lines to which these signals apply. They are found in substations, not power stations, and can be seen hanging off transmission-line terminal towers.Line traps are inductors whose inductive reactance opposes the flow of a.c. current and is directly-proportional to frequency. Line traps are used to block, or significantly attenuate, high-frequency signals that are impressed on the line for the purpose of communcations/protection, while having an insignificant effect on the supply-frequency (50/60 Hz) current.

What is a small point of the electromagnetic spectrum?

In general it can be called a single frequency or a single wavelength. In the infrared, visible, and ultraviolet bands it can be called a spectral line. In the visible band it can be called monochromatic.

What is the wavelength of the hydrogen?

21 centimeter line

What is the definition of the word 'multiplexing'?

Multiplexing is the process of combining multiple signals over one media line. There are several types of multiplexing: frequency division, time division, and wavelength division.

What did the first electronic digital computer use?

logic - vacuum tubesmemory - 60 words of 50 bits of capacitor dynamic drumcontrols - relaysclock - 60Hz power line

Do radio waves need line of sight?

The absorption of radio waves by solid objects depends on their frequency (wavelength). As frequency increases (wavelength decreases), solid objects absorb more of the radiation, and line of sight becomes increasingly necessary for the communication. This is a fancy way of reminding you that you can use your AM radio in the basement, but your FM radio and your TV don't work so well down there, and you can't see the light of the sun at all through the basement walls or ceiling.

What is a Non-transient line frequency?

A line or phase having stable frequency and not creating any transients when ON/OFF

How is a frequency table different from a line plot how are they similar?

How is a frequency table different from a line plot how are they similar? Read more: