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That waxy fat-like substance is called plaque. It's packed with bacteria, the longer plaque stays in the mouth the more bacteria it has. Plaque causes gum disease - gingivitis, which is reversible if you remove plaque and maintain oral hygiene. It can be removed by dental floss only (no toothpicks, because toothpicks can't go under your gum line and completely remove plaque). How it can be done? Easy! Slide floss between your teeth . Then you slide floss under gum line 1-2 mm (there is 1-3mm pocket between gum and tooth), wrap the floss around the tooth and move floss up and down with little pressure, like you scrubbing the tooth. it will be a little awkward when you start doing it, but more you practice the better you'll get. And remember, you have to floss every night before brushing. You don't do every night, you'll forget. You do it every night, it will become your lifestyle.

If you don't remove plague and let it stay for a while it calcifies and become hard. This is called tartar and you will not be able to remove it. Only dental hygienist can remove tartar. If you don't remove tartar bacteria invades deep tissues of the gum and you can start periodontal disease, very quiet and ugly disease which makes your gums recede, contributes to bone loss and eventually tooth loss. But it is a worst case scenario. So guys, remove plaque, which causes not only gum disease, but bad breath and cavities between teeth. And dentures cost a lot of money and don't chew the same as natural teeth, so stay away from ugly plaque.

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Q: What is the waxy like substance that can cause heart disease?
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