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the weakest ever is a 10G battle gear

the weakest ball is 100G

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the weakest bakugan has 240g. That bakugan is Reaper

serpenoid.It is a snake

Aqous laserman with 250g

There will be a Bakugan Virtual World coming in 2010, along with the next Bakugan season, Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders.

Bakugan is a TV show on Cartoon Network. It's about six kids who have to save the Earth and Vestroia (the Bakugan world) with their Bakugan (creatures from another world).

the 1st bakugan player in the world is..... Nick Wood his bakugan is Naga 970gs or 990gs. he is undefeatable and has very strong bakugan

Yes go to

The original naga has 650G (white naga) the strongest 660G (i have it) the weakest 450G

The rarest bakugan is viper Helios

Yes go to

The weakest bey-blade is storm Capricorn

Go to to find out.

yes but different bakugan and people in a different world

In season one it is Naga the Darkus and Ventus bakugan, in season two it is all the vestalls, who invade the bakugan world.

Go to and check out the rankings.

the best bakugan brawler in the world with the only naga bakugan with 1000g's

Well, if there WAS a bakugan virtual world it would be pretty awesome. They did, but the shut it down perminitly. if they made a new one bakugan would be come more popular.

you can go to and become a member and become on the top of the list

you can go to and become a member then read the home page and that will tell you what to do.

the most rare bakugan in the world is owned by Andy in Omaha,nebraska

To get into the bakugan rankings you need to go to and become a member and battle but make sure to read the home page to tell you how to get in.

The weakest Rock in the world Is most Likely Shale Rock As it isint really a solid rock as much as Layer (plates) of rock

Yes there is because my friend showed me it then i looked in the bakugan official handbook and there it was Hydra exept when my friend showed me it the color was green but it's attribute was darkes somehow so yes there is a bakugan Hydra in this world.

There are no weakest silly bandz. They are all made of the same material and are the same thickness.

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