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Even though we notice the effect of gravity every day it is the weakest of the fundamental forces. However you could argue that the strong nuclear force is the weakest acting between these two bodies, because they are too far away from each other for this force to act.

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Q: What is the weakest force acting between Earth and the Sun?
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It is the weakest but longest acting force?


What is the weakest but longest acting force?

weak nuclear

What is the gravitational force between the Earth and your body called?

Your weight. Weight is the definition of the force between the earth and other objects. Thus you weight is the gravitational force acting on you from the earth.

The force of gravity acting upon the mass of an object?

That's usually called the object's "weight". Like say if you're talking about the forces of gravity between you and the Earth, the force of gravity acting on you is your weight on the Earth, and the force of gravity acting on the Earth is the Earth's weight on you, and they're equal.

Is there a point between the moon and the earth where the gravitational force acting on a spaceship is zero?


What is the force of gravity?

It is the force of attraction existing between any two objects in the Universe that possess mass. It is the most important and weakest force. It is the weakest force because its effect is seen only when there are relatively large masses involved. e.g Sun(huge mass) Earth(large mass) Force of gravity keeps Earth in orbit around the sun. Earth (large mass) we (tiny mass compared to the Earth). Force of gravity keeps us bound to the Earth. It is an attractive force that is proportional to the product of the masses of the two objects and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers.

What force keeps satellite in orbit around the Earth?

There is only one main force acting on a satellite when it is in orbit, and that is the gravitational force.

Is gravity a core in the center of the earth?

No, gravity is a force of attraction acting between all objects that have mass.

If you drop a rock what is the force acting on it?

Gravitaional force is the force pulling on it from the Earth.

What is the force called that gravity is acting on you?

The force exerted by the earth towards itself,known as the gravitational force is called that gravity is acting on you.

Which is the weakest type of attractive force between particles?

dispersion forcessmile!

Is there a net force acting on the planet earth?

There is a net force acting on the planet. It is centrifugal force directed toward the planet that comes from the moon.