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From late November to early March it is quite cold, most cold in February. The temp in the winter is around 10-20 degrees centigrade. From the end of March to the beginning of June it is hot, humid and sometimes rainy and the temperature is about 23-38 degrees centigrade. From the middle of June to the beginning of August it is hot and sunny, probably when most tourists visit because the weather is nice, complete with a bright blue sky and it being sunny almost every day in this period of time. It is sometimes very humid though, mostly in August. July is the best month of the long HK summertime. The temp from June to August is 25-40 degrees centigrade. From the middle of August to mid-October is Typhoon season and the temp ranges from around 25-35 degrees centigrade. From late October to late November is another time when tourists come because the weather is perfect and it is quite cool. The temperature is from 20-25 degrees centigrade. Hope this helps and if you haven't moved to Hong Kong yet, what are you waiting for?! And if you are thinking about moving here, move to Discovery Bay. You will absolutely love it!

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Q: What is the weather in Hong Kong like?
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When is the best weather in Hong Kong?

[1] Summer is considered the best weather of Hong Kong. Because it is a time where tourists love to visit. [2] I think the best weather in Hong Kong is the middle of September to the October, the weather is cooler, it'is comfortable for outdoor.

Are One Direction coming to Hong Kong?

No, he doesn't like Hong Kong

What is the weather of Hong Kong today?

very very hot

Is the weather hot or cold in Hong Kong around September?

The weather in Hong Kong is relatively hot during September with occasional rainfall, and the humidity only makes the heat worse.

Is Hong Kong listed Hong Kong China or just Hong Kong?

hong kong, china

What is the currency of Hong Kong?

Hong Kong DollarsThe Hong Kong Dollar or HKD.Hong Kong Dollars.

What continent is in Hong Kong in?

Hong Kong is a city in China, which is on the continent of Asia.

What is the weather today January 11th 2010 in Hong Kong?

14c and 57f

Can you use Sterling in Hong Kong?

No, Hong Kong has its own currency the Hong Kong Dollar.

What is Hong Kong Disneyland's address?

Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

What time is it in Hong Kong?

Please see this site which has the current time for Hong Kong:

What currency is used in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong uses its own currency, The Hong Kong Dollar. It is accepted all over Hong Kong, The New Territories and Macau.Hong Kong Dollars

What is special about Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has amazing views, of harbors and greens as well as real estate. They have crazy weather and storms. They also have a nice system of water transport.

What is the capitol of Hong-Kong?

there is no capital city for Hong Kong

Currency of hong kong?

Hong Kong is a city, and former British colony, in southeastern China.The Hong Kong dollar is the currency of Hong Kong.The International currency code is HKD.

How long does it take to receive a package from Hong Kong to New York?

It takes around like a week to receive a package from Hong Kong to New York, cause I had a package from Hong Kong!

What are the descriptions for the colonial flag of Hong Kong-the flag used when Hong Kong was still British?

like now

Hong Kong money?

The Hong Kong currency is colloquially known as Hong Kong Dollars (HKD$).

Where was the Hong Kong battle located?

The Battle of Hong Kong took place in Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Where is Hong Kong Disneyland located in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Disneyland is close to Sunny Bay

Is it Hong Kong or Hongkong?

Either is acceptable, but Hong Kong is more common.

What type of money do they use in Hong Kong?

The official currency of Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Dollar.

What is the executive of Hong Kong called?

The executive of Hong Kong is James Tien. Hong Kong is in China.

What province is Hong Kong in?

Hong Kong is one of two special administrative regions in the People's Republic of China - the other being Macau. As such, Hong Kong is not "in" any province. Like Macau however, Hong Kong is adjacent to the mainland Chinese province of Guangdong.

Why doesn't Hong Kong have a mayor?

Hong Kong only had a leader, not mayor because Hong Kong is a city, and the full name of Hong Kong is Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of People's Republic of China.