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The weather in Pakistan is very hot especially in the summer but as it comes to September to about December it's like living in the north pole!!

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How many weather in Pakistan?

There are 5 type of weather in Pakistan like Summer , winter , Atum and spring.

What is Pakistan weather like?

Pakistan has a variety of weather types. Central Pakistan faces extreme weather i.e. very hot in summer and very cool in winter. Northern Areas of Pakistan have pleasant weather in summer but face very cold winter.

How many types of weather in Pakistan?

12 weather in pakistan

What is the difference between the weather of Pakistan and UK what differences are there list them?

difference between the weather of pakistan and uk

What is the weather like in Karachi Pakistan?

itx summer n quite hot but may rain anytime

Why it is hard to warn people about floods or any other weather hazards in country like pakistan?

because zardari is kutta

When do the trees leaves fall in Pakistan?

When the weather is cold ;0

What you like most about Pakistan?

I like the people and Northren area of Pakistan

What is the weather in Pakistan?

snowing,we are actually having a blizzard right now

DoeS miley cyruS like Pakistan?

yes... she like and love Pakistan , she said it....

What do Pakistan homes look like?

I am from Pakistan, and I hate the houses ;).

What is the school system like in Pakistan?

School in Pakistan is hard

What is harvesting time of wheat in Pakistan?

April till beginning of May - depending on weather.

Do moose like hot weather or cold weather?

they like cold weather

Does Pakistan like Asif Ali Zardari?

ofcource Pakistani people like this intelijent president of Pakistan

Why is Planting of trees in Pakistan is done in selected periods?

the planting of trees in pakistan is done in selective period because the trees are dependent on the external environment and weather

What is the weather like in the USA?

Just like our weather

What happened when Pakistan was declared independent from India?

when Pakistan was declared independent, Pakistan fall in many trubles like defence of Pakistan, residance for refuges,

Do rabbits like hot weather?

The rabbits like hot weather and cold weather.

What is the weather like on Saturday?

What is the weather like on Saturday

How it is like in Pakistan?

not good

Did Justin Bieber like Pakistan?

yeh he is love Pakistan hes says

What does Pakistan look like today?

Pakistan look like as it was in 1947. But the good thing is that nation is uniting again. Pakistan will prosper once it overcomes prevailing wave of terrorism.

What kind weather do ostriches like?

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What is the weather like in the alps?

the weather is like bob country