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If you can see the figure '025' on the girdle of a diamond, it may be an indicator of origin.

If you can see the figure '025' on metal where the diamond is set, it may be an indicator of the metal purity or model number.

You can determine the weight of a diamond by weighing it, which is most reasonably done by a certified gemologist who removes the gem from its setting.

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Q: What is the weight of a diamond stamped 025?
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What does 900 plat 100 1 R1D stamped inside a ring mean?

if its diamond could be dia weight

What does 025 on the inside of a ring mean?

The 025 is most likely actually 0.25This is the carat of the diamond on the ring, 0.25 carats, or in other words, a quarter carat.

Is a sapphire and diamond ring real if stamped with JWBR?

I have a white gold and diamond ring stamped JWBR and it is definatly real.

What does 14 stamped inside a diamond on a pocket watch?

14 karat diamond

What does jlj stamped inside a diamond ring mean?

This may be an identifier of the setting stamped there by the manufacturer.

What does NVC stamped on a diamond like necklace mean?

WhAt does a pendant stamped NVC mean

What does a v in a diamond stamped on a ring mean?


Ring has Ehc 925 stamped?

Earring stamp 925ehc diamond encircle by little diamond

What do the numbers on the inside of a diamond mean?

The number inside a diamond ring refers to the carat weight of the diamonds found in the ring. A .50 stamped inside a Diamond Solitaire ring means that it has a 1/2 Carat diamond while a .97 means that it is just below 100 points or One Full Carat.

On a ring there is written how many carats do the mean the diamond also?

The metal has a karat value, meaning that it's gold; the diamond weight is measured in carats. Since the diamond stone and the metal ring are separable, anything stamped in the metal usually refers to the metal and not to the stone mounted therein.

What does a symbol of a diamond stamped on a gold chain mean?

your rich

Why would a diamond ring not have a number stamp on it?

Because it's not a diamond. Diamond rings are set in gold or silver which are stamped with purity hallmarks.