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What is the birth weight of a liger cub?

what is the wieght of a baby liger

What is a baby liger called?

All feline animals that have a baby, the baby's are called cub's. A baby liger would be considered a "liger cub".

What is a average weight for a liger?

it can weight 750Ib

Can a white tiger and a lion have a cub tigon or liger?

yes they can. it would be called a white tigon if the tiger was the boy or a white liger if the lion was the boy.

How do Ligers reproduce?

The liger cannot reproduce on its own. Only when a female tiger mates with a male lion. Due to genetic force its cub is formed as liger.

What is known about ligers?

the only thing they know if a liger is found in the wild it would be killed (cub)

How much does a newborn liger weight?

actually the liger Hercules weights half a ton

How heavy can a liger get?

A normal non-obese liger weighs around 900 to 1000 pounds. However, a liger can grow and gain weight beyond that as well. The highest recorded weight for a liger was in Wisconsin. That liger weighed 1600 pounds. So my answer is that at maximum a liger can weigh around maximum 1600 to 1800 pounds. That is very huge.

Who is stronger a liger or a tiger?

a Liger is stronger due to its size, weight, and overall life form.

How much could a liger weight?

An adult liger could weigh about 300 to 600 kilograms.

What is the life cycle for a liger?

the life cycle of a female tiger is cub,adult,have youge,die that is the cycle.

How long does a liger stay in its mothers tummy?

The same amount of time as a tiger cub before birth.

How much does a liger weight?

360kg - 450kg

What is the weight of a female Liger?

1700 lbs

What is a lion plus tiger's cub?

If a lion and tiger have a cub it's called a liger or tigon.

Is a liger bigger than a moose?

No. Moose are larger in size and weight (especially the bulls) than a liger.

How tall is a liger?

a liger can grow up to 10-12 feet in length and 360- 450 kg in weight

Can a liger mate?

Liger is a hybrid cat reproduced through mating between a Lion and a tigress. For long Ligers were thought to be sterile. However, it is an established fact that it is not true and in 2012 a cub named Kiara was born to a Liger mother and a lion father in a Russian zoo.

How much does cheetahs cub weight?


What is the weight of a ez 90 Honda cub?

The answer to your question is 181 pounds dry weight.

What weight oil does a cub cadet riding mower use?

Cub Cadet riding lawn mower's use 30-weight oil. Keeping the oil changed in your Cub Cadet will prolong the life of the mower, and help it run smoothly and efficiently.

What do ligers weigh?

The average weight of a fully grown male liger is about 1300 pounds.

Weight of a 1999 aerolite cub 21 foot?

Just under 2900 dry weight

What is the weight of a cheetah cub at birth?

Each cheetah cub weighs between 150–400 g (5.3–14.1 oz) at birth.

Where can you buy a Liger?

A liger farm.

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