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well, you go to spy island and go into a place called spyglasses i you click on a stuffed guy who are whering the goofy glasses.youll be able to change into his CLOTHES!Next click on the glasses and,TA DA,your wering them,to keep them on click on accept.I Hope this helps you!

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โˆ™ 2009-03-17 18:34:12
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Q: What is the wheel to get the goofy glasses in poptropica?
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How do you get a pair of goofy glasses in poptropica?

go to super power island and the underground thing where ratman is turn the first wheel and go all the way to the bottom and there they are hope this helped

How do you get the spy glasses on Poptropica?

how to get the spy glasses on poptropica?

Where are the goofy glasses hidden in poptropica?

You can get "disguise glasses" (with mustache) on Spy Island at the Eye Doctor. Any other glasses that you see worn by a character can be cloned by the Costumizer feature (click t-shirt at top right and click the character).

How do get the glasses on Poptropica?

you can get glasses in spy island, it is found in the shop which has glasses and a mustash on it.

Where do you get the glasses on spy island of poptropica?

Well, you go to the glasses store and then you go to the statues and they have glasses on them get the glasses you want. And there! you have glasses.

Where is edmonds glasses poptropica?

In the sun

Why does lil'jon always have glasses on?

because he has recessed eyes that make him look goofy.

How do you get past the lasers without the laser glasses to get to the guy with the glasses on poptropica?

you don't have to

What do you do with the ghost glasses on poptropica?

Probably nothing. :(

Is there really a bonus in poptropica?

the glasses yes. the golden cup no. the glasses yes. the golden cup no.

Where do you get the ultravision glasses on poptropica?

you save the last spy

Where is the hikers glasses on poptropica?


What does drspyglass look like in poptropica?

hes the eye glasses person hes the eye glasses person

Where are Edmunds climbing glasses in poptropica?

It is in the Mayan time period.

How do you get to the eye doctors laboratory?

Go to spy,then you go right, and finnally reach the place with the goofy glasses on the front.

Where do you get the glasses from in Poptropica?

On Spy Island, there is a glasses shop on the main street. Keep on going right until you find it. You can also get glasses by customising yourself with a computer character wearing glasses.

Where is the wheel that is in the sewer on poptropica?

under table

How do you open the locked door on top of the glasses store on poptropica?

Kick it in.

It says turn the control wheel when defeating rat guy for poptropica on poptropica but what control wheel you cant see one?

there is a wheel on the top right corner but the mouses are blocking them so you have to jump over them

Where is the upper red wheel on Poptropica?

in the combintation room

Where is the ferris wheel on mystery train on poptropica?

its at the end

How do you get ultraviolet reflector glasses on spy island on poptropica?

By rescuing the third spy.

Who is the brown guy with glasses in counterfeit island in poptropica?

The brown guy with the glasses is the suspicious guy that tells you to protect the painting but he is the one who steals it!

Where are the glasses on red dragon island in poptropica?

the glasse are right underneath the treehouse to the left

How do you get big framed black glasses on Poptropica?

Go customize the agents on spy Island