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The wheelbase of the 1998 Ford Ranger Supercab is ( 125.7 inches ) according to the owners manual

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Q: What is the wheelbase of a 1998 Ford Ranger extended cab?
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What is the wheelbase of 1995 ford ranger extended cab?


What is the wheelbase of a 1998 Ford Ranger long bed?

117.4 inches ( 1998 Ford Ranger , regular cab , long wheelbase ) according to the owners manual

What is the wheelbase of a1998ford ranger Supercab short-bed?

According to the 1998 Ford Ranger Owner Guide : The wheelbase on the SuperCab is ( 125.7 inches )

What type of coolant was originally put in a 98 Ford Ranger?

The 1998 Ford Ranger Owner Guide shows Ford Extended Life Engine Coolant ( Dexcool )

How much does a 1993 Ford Ranger 4-cylinder gas tank hold in gallons?

I have a '93 Ford Explorer and it hold 19 gallons From the Chilton Ford Ranger guide: "1993 Ranger with standard wheelbase: 16.3 1993 Ranger with long wheelbase: 19.6"

What late model Ford truck frame will fit a 1948 Ford half ton pickup body?

well the extended cab short bed s-10 is a good prospect however the wheelbase is 117", as where the the 89-95 ford ranger 's wheelbase is 113.9 inches and the f1 wheelbase needed is 114" you can also lokk at the 1966 ford pickup it has a wheelbase of 115" but why strip the 66' it really depends on the running gear your looking for I myself and 100% ford and the route I have chosen to use on my project is the ranger. Thanks Ford guy

What year seats will fit a 1994 Ford Ranger extended cab?

Can a extended cab 2000 ford ranger seats fit in a regular cab 1994 ranger

How many gallons of gas can a 2005 Ford Ranger 2.3l i4 fi hold?

For a 2005 Ford Ranger ( in U.S. gallons ) Regular cab , short wheelbase ( 17.0 ) Regular cab , long wheelbase ( 20.3 ) SuperCab (19.5 )

How do you set timing on 1998 Ford Ranger 2.5L?

What is the timing for a 1998 ford ranger 2.5l

Where is the Egr located in a 1998 Ford Ranger?

My Ford Ranger is a 1998 4.0 ltr V6.

What type motor does your 98 Ford Ranger 4 by 4 extended cab have in it an ohv or asohc?

On a 1998 Ford Ranger : Both the 4.0 liter and the 3.0 liter V6 engines are an ( Over Head Valve ) design

What is the wheelbase for 1985 ford E150?

Standard version is 124 inches. Extended verson is 138 inches.