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== == standard gauge is 56 1/2 inches 5/8 of inch below the top the rail.

Thanks to the 9/11 commission, alot of that info is classified, but If you know how to read a tape measure, I'm sure you could find out without travelling more than 5 miles from where you're at right now

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Q: What is the width of rails of a railroad track?
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What is the width between standard railroad rails?

192 feet

What is a track for trains?

Railroad tracks are often called rails.

What is the width of a railroad track?

56.5" wide

The rails on a railroad track have small gaps between sections of metal rails . Why are these gaps needed?

They are there to allow for the expansion of the rails during hot weather.

How far apart are the rails on a railroad track?

4 feet 8 1/2 inches. Dinoglide.

Railroad spike used in celebrating the wedding of the rails?

A golden spike was a railroad spike used in celebrating the wedding of the rails.

Railroad spike used in celebrating the wedding of the rails-?

The railroad spike used in celebrating the wedding of the rails was the golden spike.

Width between rails and railroad is 4 ft 8 in calculate in meters and centimeters?

== standard gauge is 4 feet 8 and 1/2 inches== == == ==

What is the charge for stealing railroad tracks?

Stealing railroad tracks comes under a number of Federal felony areas, and will nearly guarantee Federal prison time, and can mean life in prison. However, you more likely mean theft of railroad rails where the track is not in service - this is a felony, and is very unlikely not to be caught if the thief attempts to sell the rails as scrap.

Where did the railroad get its name?

it's simple. The rails in the railroad was layed down on a road.

How far apart are the rails on the rail road track?

Standard North American railroad tracks are 54.5 inches apart. This distance is known as the gauge of the rail.

What are railroad track dimensions?

The space between the rails (most of the time {there are exceptions}) is 4 feet 8 and 1/2 inches. Everything else varies.