What is the wildlife in Qatar?

More than you might think for a dry arid country, actually. There are tonnes of red foxes - smaller than their European cousins - although you are not likely to see them. More rarer are Rueppell's Sand Fox. In the last few years two rare animals have been sighted - the honey badger and the sand cat. You'll also find Ethiopean hedgehogs - these are very brave, and will even attack poisonous reptiles.

There are snakes, although these are mostly not very dangerous and rarely seen. There are also lizards of all sizes, including large monitor lizards, and of course the rodents which these reptiles feed upon. Bats inhabit the peninsula too, and a recent Qatar Natural History Group trip disturbed a roomful of large bats while poking around an old fort.
i seem to notice that the last entered answer for this question did not mention the fennec foxes (scientifically known as the fennec zerbra). they are known to be very adapted to the desert conditions of qatar, as they use their "gigantic" ears as air-conditioners!!!