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The windiest corner in North America is the corner of Portage Ave and Main St in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Q: What is the windiest corner in North America?
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Where could find the windiest street corner in Canada?

Portage and Main in Winnipeg Manitoba is supposed to be the windiest and the coldest corner in all of Canada

Where can you find the windiest street corner in Canada?


Windiest city in North America?

Skagway, Arkansas. Average wind speed is over 15 mph.

Windiest place in North America?

A toss up between Rock Springs, Wyoming and Livingston, Montana.

Windiest mountain in America?


What is the windiest corner in Canada?

Portage & Main in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Were the twin towers in north or south America?

Uhhh....seeing as how New York is in the continent of North America, in the north-eastern corner of the United States, I would say North America.

Where is Alaska located in the world?

In the northwest corner of North America.

Where is the windiest spot in Canada?

Located at Main St.,corner of Portage avenue.Winnipeg Manitoba

Where is the least windiest place in the US?

North Dakota

What is the windiest city in North Dakota?

Ross, ND

Is Alaska in the northeast region?

No, it anchors the northwest corner of North America.

Is Winnipeg known as the Crossroads City?

Yes. The city boasts the famous street corner of Portage and Main, known as possibly the "windiest corner on the continent."

Is Alaska a part of North America?

Yes, it anchors the northwest corner of the continent.

Is Egypt in America?

Egypt is a country in the North East corner of Africa.It is near Africa

Where is the windiest place in the US?

North Dakota South Dakota

Is Alaska Australia?

No. Alaska is the largest state in the United States of America and is located in the northern hemisphere at the northwest corner of North America.

The anasazi resided in what part of north America?

In the southwest United States - the four corner region.

Is Egypt located in South America?

The nation of Egypt is located in the north-east corner of Africa.

In which corner of the mall of America are the restroom facilities and administrative offices?

in the north eastern part of the mall

What is the windiest continent?

The windiest continent is Antarctica. :)

Is North America north of North America?

No, North America is not north of North America.

What is North America's lowest point?

Abra Cranima. wich is 200 ft down low. it is located on north east pf canail corner.

Which corner of Arizona touches the other three states?

North East corner

Is maalaea harbor the windiest?

No it is not. Wellington in New Zealand is the windiest harbor in the world. I work in Maalaea and it is the 2nd windiest in the world.

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