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You may say 'aki no fushichou.'

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Q: What is the word 'autumn phoenix' when translated from english to japanese?
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What is the word 'autumn' when translated from English to Japanese?


What is the word autumn when translated form English to Japanese?

It is 'aki,' written: 秋

What is 'autumn' when translated from English to Italian?

Autunno is an Italian equivalent of the English word "autumn." The masculine singular noun also may be rendered into English as the "fall" season. The pronunciation will be "ow-TOON-no" in Italian.

What does akizuki mean translated from Japanese to English?

Written 深雪, "Miyuki" means "heavy/deep snow".

What is 'Lá breá i dtús an fhómhair a bhí ann' translated into english as?

"It was a fine day at the start of harvest/autumn"

What is the phrase white tiger' when translated from English to Japanese?

In Japanese, 白い虎 (shiroi tora) means "white tiger." However, there is a celestial being of Chinese origin known as 白虎 (Byakko) that is the "white tiger of the western skies." It represents "autumn" and "metal."

What is 'seasons' when translated from English to Italian?

stagioni l'estate - summer, l'autuno - autumn, l'imverno - winter, la primavera - spring hope this helps!

What is the Japanese word meaning autumn?

??? ? ?? ?

Is Pokemon Black and White two out yet?

It is out in Japanese version (June 23rd), but not in English. Current UK release date is Autumn 2012

What does aki mean in english's?

"Aki" means "autumn" in English.

What is 'fall' when translated from English to Italian?

The word for the season which Americans call 'Fall' (and British people call Autumn) is Autuma The word for the verb 'to fall' is cadere

What does the Japanese name Akirama mean in English?

I think you will find that it's Akiyama, which means 'autumn mountain'. 秋山 (akiyama) is a common surname in Japan.