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there is no such word

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Q: What is the word 'sup' when translated from English to Japanese?
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What is 'sup' when translated from English to Italian?

Come va?

Bastard in Japanese?

sup. please dont just say sup on a search engine i can see why this came up for searching bastard in english: the def. of.

who sup sup sup?

sup is not a word

What is the phrase what sup in Japanese?


Why is sup slang?

"Sup" is slang because it is a shortened version of the word "what's up," which is a common greeting in informal conversations. Slang often develops as a way for people to communicate more casually and efficiently.

Who created the word sup?

The word 'sup', meaning in English to dine, comes from Old French, super, thought to be from soupe (broth).Another meaning is to sip, that is, to take small amounts of food or drink, usually by spoon; 'sup' in this case comes from Proto-(or Common) Germanic via Old English, with similar meaning to the present sense.

Which word is cooler sup or yo?

its totally sup

What does yum yum sup sup mean in Chinese?

"Yum yum sup sup" does not have a literal translation in Chinese. It sounds like it could be an onomatopoeic expression in English expressing enjoyment of food.

What is the base word in supervise?


How do you abriviate the word supplies?


What is the root word of occurrence?

The root word of "occurrence" is "occur."

What is the difference between como estas and como esta ud. when translated from spanish to English?

One is formal (como esta usted) and the other is not (como estas) You could compare it to "Sup" and "How are you sir?"