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What is the word cursed in Chinese?


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Chinese Simplified. 诅咒

Chinese Traditional. 詛咒

Thats the word "Cursed"


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邪恶的(along the lines of "cursed")

damned, blasted, foredoomed

The word 'cursed' has two meanings. In past tense it can mean that someone cussed or used a swear word. It can also mean to cast a bad spell on someone.

Cursed is a synonym of fulminated.

mekulal (מקולל)

According to the New International version of the Bible, the word cursed is used 6 times in chapter 28 of Deuteronomy.

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If you are cursed, you have been cursed.

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Because if you are not with your family then you will be cursed during the upcoming year.

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