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What is the word equation for fire works?

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magnesium (s) + oxygen -> firework

this is an exothermic reaction

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What is the chemical word equation for fire?

Depends on what "fire". Your average coal or wood fire is: Carbon + Oxygen ---> Carbon Dioxide (+ Energy)

How many syllables in the word fireworks?

2 - fire / works Some people might pronounce the whole word with 3 syllables, and the "fire" with 2 syllables - e.g. "fi -er-works"

What powders are used in fire works to make different colours?

If you are talking about how to make fire works, the answer is out some F-WORKS on the ground and then get some fire and click it on the f-works and there are fire works, the only bad thing is, it doesn't look like fire works very much.

What is the equation for a firehose of water?

A fire hose has not a chemical equation.

Who made fire works?

the ancient china people made fire works

Are fire works illegal in California?

Yes and no. During some holidays you can shoot fire works but at another times you can't shoot fire works.

Is equation a noun.?

Yes, the word 'equation' is a noun, a word for a thing.

What are the gold colours in the fire works due to?

the gold color in fire works are due to IRON

What is another word for equation?

Another word for equation relating to mathematics is "expression".

What is the word equation for calcium sulphide?

cas is word equation for calcium sulphide

What is the word equation for burning zinc?

Word equation: zinc + oxygen ----> zinc oxide Symbol equation: Zn + O2 ----> ZnO2

What is the precent equation?

what percentage is 4 of 8 - to works this out the equation is : (4/8)*100 = 50%

Can a phone charger be used as a Kindle Fire charger?

no it only works on phones yes it works on kindle fire

What is written on the left side of a word equation?

The reactants are written on the left side of a word equation.

What is the Word equation for methane burning?

write a word equation for the reaction of burning methane

Write down the word equation for photosynthesis?

write down word equation for pohotsynthess

What does the word word equations mean?

A word equation is where you with the words of the reactants and products instead of the symbols. H2 + 1/2 O2 --> H2O Symbol equation Hydrogen + Oxygen --> Water Word equation :-)

Give me a sentence with the word 'equation'?

"Try as he might, he could not solve the equation."

Which country was the first one to experiment with coloured fire works?

Italy was the first country to experiment with colored fire works

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