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it means good news. evangelism means to spread the good news

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Q: What is the word evangelism in Greek?
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What is meant by evangelism?

The quick answer: The word evangelism is based on the same Greek root as the word angel, which means messenger. An evangelist is one who "spreads the word", or delivers the "message". Many religious groups emphasize the need for active evangelism, while others do not.

What is a good name for a paper about evangelism?

"Sharing the Word" "Proclaim the Gospel"

When was Power Evangelism created?

Power Evangelism was created in 1986.

When was Lighthouse Evangelism created?

Lighthouse Evangelism was created in 1978.

What 10 letter word starts with an e and ends with an m?

empiricism enthusiasm epithelium evangelism

What is Mission's formal name?

If you mean Christian Mission, the word you may be looking for is Evangelism: the spreading of the Gospel.

When was Child Evangelism Fellowship created?

Child Evangelism Fellowship was created in 1937.

What is Child Evangelism Fellowship's population?

The population of Child Evangelism Fellowship is 2,000.

What is personal evangelism?

personal evangelism

What is prophetic evangelism?

Prophetic evangelism is witnessing and reaching out to unbelievers by hearing a specific word from God to address their need for salvation, healing and deliverance. It is different than ordinary evangelism because it doesn't just preach the gospel but seeks to speak into the individual's life with a specific word from the Lord to them about their spiritual condition. It is a demonstration of not only the conviction of the word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ but also a display of the power of the Spirit of God to minister specifically to an individual.

Is evangelism legal in Israel?

Christian evangelism was legislated against by the Israeli government in December 1977

What has the author David Sherwin written?

David Sherwin has written: 'Prayer-Evangelism Strategy (Evangelism)'