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Bebida, or beber.

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Q: What is the word for drink in spanish?
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What does the spanish word Bieber mean?

To drink

What caused chocolate to become English?

You mean, why do we have an English word chocolate? It's because the Spanish discovered people in Mexico drinking this drink. The Spanish interpreted the Aztec word they heard as "chocolate". The Spanish word was passed to the English with the drink. So the word comes from the Aztec by way of Spanish.

What does la bebida mean in spanish?

The Spanish word "la bebida" means "the drink" or "the beverage."

How do you say refresco in English?

Refresco is the Spanish word for "Drink, Soda".

What does mean mocha in English?

Did you mean what word means mocha in Spanish? The word for mocha in Spanish is moca.

What does dia boit mean?

dia is the Spanish word for "day. boit is the French word for "drink".

What do Spanish drink?

the spanish drink

Who is bebemos?

Bebemos is a spanish word in plural tense wich means we drink.

Is the spanish word mosca masculine or feminine?

feminine"there is a fly in my drink" is "tengo una mosca in mi bebida"

How do you spell breakfast in Spanish?

The word referring to the meal of breakfast in Spanish is spelt desayuno. The word referring to the meal of lunch or dinner in Spanish is spelt en almuerzo. The word referring to the drink is beber. Comer also means to eat.

What is one spanish word that ends in er?

comprender- to understand entender- to understand comer- to eat beber- to drink -er words are usually verbs in spanish.

Can you translate to spanish the word Port?

puerto (as in harbour) vino de Oporto (the drink) babor (the opposite of starboard)