What is the word incumbent mean?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What is the word incumbent mean?
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What does voting non-incumbent mean?

The incumbent is the current holder of a political office. To vote "non-incumbent" would mean to vote for the challenger to the incumbent's position.

What does incumbent mean?

An incumbent is an elected official who holds an office and is running for reelection.

What is another word for officeholder?


A senator or representative running for re-election is called the?

"incumbent' is the word you want. I think.

What is a sentence using the word incumbent?

It is incumbent upon the government to deal with pressing environmental hazards. The social services agency enforces the care standards that are incumbent on foster parents. The challenger defeated the powerful incumbent to become the new governor.

How do you use the word recount in a sentence?

The incumbent is demanding a recount.

Why is Barack Obama called an incumbent candidate?

The word "incumbent" is used to describe the candidate who is currently in office. Since Barack Obama is the president, he is thus called "the incumbent." This may change when the 2012 election is held, but as of today, he remains the incumbent, and his opponent is called the "challenger."

What does PAC support for an incumbent often mean?


What is the word that describes a current officeholder who is running again for the same office?

The correct term for a current officeholder who is running for re-election is "incumbent."

What is a 9 letter word for a person who holds public office?


What is the word that means a current office holder who is running for office again?


What is a word that means a person who held a job or office before another?