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読んだからありがとうございます (yonda kara arigatou gozaimasu)

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Q: What is the word thank you for reading in Japanese?
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What is arrigato?

It is a Japanese word and it means thank you.

What kind of word is taking?

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What does the Japanese word Tsundoku mean?

Tsundoku is the condition of acquiring reading materials but letting them pile up in one's home without reading them.

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What is the word for arigarto ozaibas in English?

The correct phrase is "Arigato gozaimasu" which means "Thank you very much" in Japanese.

How do you pronounce 恐 in Japanese?

By itself, the reading is kyou, but this is the character that is part of the word kowai, meaning scary.

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How do you write Castro in Japanese?

カストロ /ka su to ro/ (the sound of 'u' is mitigated when reading the whole word)

What is the word 'cotton' when translated from English to Japanese?

i think its wata although that may just be one reading of its kanji

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