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please explain your question better. Do you mean property such as stolen vehicles?

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Q: What is the word used for property recovered by the insurance company?
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What is peerless insurance used for?

Peerless Insurance is an insurance company that specializes in catering to small businesses and their owners. They are a subsidiary company of Liberty Mutual insurance.

What is PD Insurance?

PD insurance is Property Damage Insurance mostly used in the commercial areas of transportation.

How does commercial property insurance differ from residential property insurance?

Commercial property insurance is often higher because the space in question is being used for a business that may or may not fail. However, residential property insurance applies directly to the resident or owner and is less risky.

How can one get public liability insurance cover?

Public Liability Insurance is used when a member of the general public sues a company about property damage on the company's physical location. Most insurance claims and comparisons can be purchased online, but some state business offices can process, advise, and help compare their own personal insurance coverage.

Who is intergon insurance?

I believe the company name you mean is Integon Insurance Company. I think this used to be called GMAC Insurance but was sold by GM.

What does account impounding mean?

Account impounding is an accounting term used to describe an account that is maintained by a mortgage company. This account collects hazard insurance, property taxes, private mortgage insurance, and other required payments.

What is an escrow account used for?

Escrow account is used to pay the taxes and insurance of the property

What is the most used private health insurance company in the UK?

The most used private health insurance company in the UK is BUPA. This is normally obtained either through a company, or you can also obtain it personally as well.

I Damaged my SIM card, Can it be recovered?

Depending on how damaged the SIM card is will result on whether not the information on it can be recovered. If it can, then a recovery software used my the cell company can recover your information safely.

Is abstract of title a legal document?

No. An abstract of title is more like a status report of who owns the property, any outstanding liens and encumbrances and any defects in the title. It is used by an attorney, title company and title insurance company to determine if it can/will certify the title and issue a title insurance policy.

What services are offered by the Chrysler Insurance Company?

The Chrysler Insurance Company offers many services to their users. The main and most used services are trying and finding the best insurance plan that suits your needs and wants. Chrysler Insurance Company offers a wide range of services, from pet insurance to travel insurance.

Is property insurance required on a rented house in Arkansas?

The owner of the property is required to have property insurance if the property is mortgaged or used as collateral in other transactions. This insurance covers the structure, its replacement, accidents or damage that occur on or as a result of the property and so forth. It does not cover the contents of the home that belongs to the renter. The occupant is responsible for renter's insurance, which, depending on the nature of the policy, covers different things. There is no requirement that a renter have renter's insurance. You should, however, make sure the property owner has coverage.

What type of industry is the Escrow Company in?

The Escrow Company is in the real estate industry. Basically, the escrow is the money held by a third party on behalf of a transacting party. In the USA its specifiacally used in real estate for property tax and insurance.

What happens at an auto insurance auction?

At an auto insurance auction you can buy cars at cheaper prices. Some of these cars have been recovered from theft, used as rental cars, or even donated to the auction.

What companies offer commercial property insurance in Detroit, Michigan?

There are quite a few choices to choose from. I have used Michigan Basic Property Insurance in the past. They are online at: Commercial property insurance is an important decision, though, so be sure to shop around for the one that fits your needs best.

Why do insurance companies have logos?

Insurance companies have logos to give customers a visual of what their company stands for. Logos are often used to distinguish one company from another.

Who would need Medigap Insurance`?

Medigap insurance is used to cover the areas where Medicare does not cover. Medigap can be purchased with a private insurance company.

What are the main rules used by contractors general liability insurance?

Contractors general liability insurance is based on one of two things, total receipts or payroll and cost of subcontractors. Contractors general liability insurance covers a company if their employees get hurt on the job or cause damage to a property while working.

What are the Application of computers in insurance?

Computers are used in the insurance business to keep record of claims and payment of premiums. They are also used to send images of damaged property by email.

What is an endorsment as used in the context of insurance?

An endorsement isa written modification or amendment to the coverage of an insurance policy. The term is usually used in connection with a property or a liability policy.

What is non compulsory insurance?

Non-compulsory insurance is a type of insurance that is not lawfully required, but can still be used for protection. It can add protective measures for both people and property.

What are insurance funds used for?

An insurance fund is essentially a pool of funds paid to an insurance company for a collective group to use. They are offered by many insurance companies in the UK.

What is an insurance lead?

Insurance leads are used by insurance agents to generate possible clients. Leads are often in the form of online surveys which generate traffic for the insurance company.

Where can one obtain property liability insurance?

There are many companies that offer their customers property liability insurance. In the UK, these companies include AXA, Zurich and Ageas. Sites such as Compare the Market can be used to compare these.

Can business interruption insurance be purchased by itself?

"Business interruption insurance can be purchased by itself, but for optimal coverage, it is usually used to supplement Property insurance or other types of coverage."