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Strictly speaking, it is ADD. The word 'sum' is used colloquially for any simple arithmetical calculation, but in mathematics a 'sum' is properly the result of adding two or more numbers.
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What does the word sum means?

sum means to add Actually, it means the result of addition. it's the answer to a addition question the answer you get when you add

What words can you use to describe your work?

We would know the business field this is for. But some examples onhow to answer this question would be your work is unique, creative,organized, and quite appealing to a targeted audience.

The sum is 20 the quotient is 9 how do you work that problem?

The question is looking for 2 numbers that satisfy both expressions. Try using trial and error. What number sums equal 20? 1+19, 2+18, 3+17 etc. What is the quotient of each set of numbers? 19/1=19, 18/2=9 Your answer is 18 and 2 because it satisfies both expressions. 18+2=20 and 18/2=9.

What are common phrases using the word work?

all work and no play . It's all in a day's work . It's great work if you can get it . Get to work! . work around the clock . work like a dog . He's a real work horse . Everybody's working for the weekend . a real piece of work . pizza with the works . a work of art . get all worked up . ( Full Answer )

Sum function used in Excel?

SUM function is use to aggregate in MS Excel . Suppose you want to sum values from A1 to A10 . in A11, type = SUM(A1:A10)

Sum of n numbers using 8085?

Xra a [(making the accumulator zero) or you can also write mvi a,00 but will probably take more t-states] lxi h dooo(can be any other address)give the range(n) mov b,m mvi c,01 again: add c inr c dcr b jnz again [loop] inx h mov m,a hlt

How do you work out the sum 72 divided by 1.5?

Easy I am 9 years old and i can work that out. you put 1.5 then one line up, then a line across. in between those lines you put 72 and then you work it out and you'll find its 48.

When using SUM in Excel what does it mean?

It gets a total of the values in the cells that are selected or values that are listed in the function. It is a very commonly used function as you need to do a lot of adding in a spreadsheet. There are lots of ways of using it. You could use a cell range like this: =SUM(A2:A10) You can use ind ( Full Answer )

Sum of n numbers using array?

Set sum = 0, then add each of the elements of the array, one by one. Use a for loop to process each element of the array. Set sum = 0, then add each of the elements of the array, one by one. Use a for loop to process each element of the array. Set sum = 0, then add each of the elements of the ( Full Answer )

What is a sentence using sum?

The first grader calculated the sum by counting on her fingers. The sum is the answer in an addition problem. To sum it all up, children need to play safely and not throw snowballs at school! The body is more than the sum of its parts. The sum is easy.

How do you use the sum function in Microsoft Excel?

If you want to find the sum of a column from A1 to A12, use the following formula: =SUM(A1:A12) If you ever want to add 2 or more values (numbers) in excel to get the result in a specified cell, you can use the formula SUM. Ex: Cell A1 has value 10, Cell B1 has value 20 and Cell C1 has va ( Full Answer )

When to use the word work or works?

you use work when you are going to work example i am going to work and you use works when you are saying someone works

How do you work out the sum of the exterior angles?

exterior angles always add up to 360 degrees, but 'exterior angle' refers to the angle that is made when you continue one of the lines. eg a square has 4 sides, make one of them longer so you end up with a thing like below, and the exterior angle is the one that's not 180 degrees. if you don't get i ( Full Answer )

How do you use the word work in a sentence?

As a noun: I gave her some work to keep her busy and out of trouble. As a verb: I work for a living. As an adjective: A work related injury should be reported immediately.

What is auto sum button used for?

There is a Sigma "∑" buton available on the standard toolbar on thetop of the Excel sheet or on the ribbon. It starts the SUM functionin a cell, which will select cells to sum up and also allow you tochange the selection. So it automatically sums values.

What pastry is used to make dim sum?

From Wiki (and reviewed for accuracy by me, a 35 year NYC Chinatown veteran)... Main . Gao (餃, Dumpling ; 餃子 gau zi , Gow gee ): Gao is a standard in most teahouses. They are made of ingredients wrapped in a translucent rice flour or wheat starch skin, and are different ( Full Answer )

How does summing amplifier work?

A: The label must be mysterious it actually compare two or more signal input and amplify the result. example if bot inpust have the same scaling resistor but the signal is -5v and +5 volt the output will be zero.

How do you work out minus sums what is the sum of minus 3 take away plus 5?

It is sometimes helpful to think of "minus" as a debt. So +3 means you have 3, while minus 3 i.e. -3 means you have a debt of 3. Then you have the business of adding and subtracting. Minus three takeaway plus five: Means you are already in debt for 3 and taking away 5 means you are now down to minus ( Full Answer )

Why use Sum-Of-Years-Digits Depreciation?

Sum of Years Digits places a higher depreciation value at the ront end of an asset letting you deduct that from your taxes early on. For a new company this is extremely useful because you save more on taxes during the first, most critical years. During the latter part of this process the depreciat ( Full Answer )

What are compound words using the word work?

artworks . bodywork . bookwork . brickwork . cabinetwork . fieldwork . fireworks . fretwork . groundwork . handiwork . ironwork . lifework . metalwork . needlework . overwork . roadwork . schoolwork . spadework . steelwork . stonework . waterworks . workroom . woodwork . workb ( Full Answer )

What part of speech is the word sum?

The word sum can be a noun and a verb. The noun form is a quantity determined by adding two numbers together. The verb form means to add together.

How do you work out the sum of exterior angles for a square?

Each angle of a square is 90 degrees. Subtract that from 360 to get...270 degrees for each of the four exterior angles. Multiply that by 4 to get a total of....1080. I think that's how it works..someone correct me if I'm wrong.

What method do Chinese use to work out multiplication sums?

They draw lines such as when you would try to figure out 7x6 you would make ||||||| for the 7 and _____ this way for the 6 then make half like circles on all 4 corners and count as you write them down. The answer is write every time but you can only do up to 2 digits.

What is the auto sum and how does it work?

Autosum allows you to quickly add values in ranges of cells. If you have a column of numbers and put the cursor on the cell below them and click the Autosum, it will automatically add the cells above it by highlighting the range into the formula. If you try the same thing at the end of a row, it wil ( Full Answer )

What are useful strategies in sum and differences with decimals?

When you are lining up decimals to add or subtract, always line thedecimals up before doing the problem. An example is: 1.468 + 0.0004 would be lined up this way: 1.468 0.0004 1.4684 If this is a bit confusing, you could add a zero to 1.468 and itwould be 1.4680. When doing subtraction, you wou ( Full Answer )

Why you use same resistance in summing amplifier?

if all resistance are not equal then we will get sum of voltages which are multiply by some constant. e.g suppose we want to add v1 and v2 if all resister are not equal we will get output which is equal to k1v1+k2v2 where k1 and k2 are cinstant.

When did Shakespeare use the word scuffle in his work?

In the first scene of Antony and Cleopatra, in fact in the first long speech of that play, we hear the words: "his captain's heart, Which in the scuffles of great fights hath burst The buckles on his breast, reneges all temper, And is become the bellows and the fan To cool a gipsy's lust. ( Full Answer )

Can you use the SUM function with boolean values?

Yes you can. TRUE is worth 1 and FALSE is worth 0. However it does behave slightly strangely in the it won't add them through cell references in all situations. So if you had TRUE in cell A2 and A3 then the following will both return zero: =SUM(A2:A3) =SUM(A2,A3) However, the following will ( Full Answer )

How do you work out the angle sum of any polygon?

The sum of the interior angles (the angles of a polygon is equal to the 180*(n-2), where n is the number of sides. For example, if a polygon has 5 sides the sum of the angles is 180*(5-2), which is 540 degrees. The sum of the exterior angles (the angles on the outside of the polygon made by extend ( Full Answer )

How do you get the sum of 24 using 7932?

The question does not specify the sum of what and 24. Also, why on earth would anyone want to use 7932 for any sum involving 24?

How can you find total by using auto sum?

You can total things in many ways. Put the cursor at the cell below a list of cells with values and click the Autosum. You can also select the block of cells you want to get totals for and click the Autosum. If you have a number of columns selected, totals will be put in for all of them. You can als ( Full Answer )

When using the sum button the active cell displays the sum?

Yes, that is normally what happens. However, there are exceptions.For example, you can select a column of numbers and when you clickAutosum, it will put a total in the cell below the column. It isalso possible to have it entered in more than one cell. Forexample, if you have a group of columns with ( Full Answer )

What can you use to automatically answer a sum on Excel?

You can use formulas. For sums you would be likely to make use ofthe SUM function. You can also use the AutoSum to automatically do the calculation. Youcan place the cursor under or beside the cells you want to sum, orselect the cells and click the AutoSum and it will put the total into ablank cel ( Full Answer )

How do I work out the sum 18x7?

You can't, a SUM is the amount obtained as a result of adding numbers (18+7=25) 18x7 is asking you to MULTIPLY the two numbers. This is call thePRODUCT of the two numbers (18*7 = 126).