What is the working environment of a zoologist?


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The working environment of zoologist is surrounded with animals.


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zoologist studies widlife in a contained environment

It depends on where the zoologist is working.

A zoologist needs to be a person who loves animals, teaching or working alone in a lab

A person who studies animals and the way they interact with their environment is both an ecologist and a zoologist. Ecologists study the interactions of organisms within their environment, while a zoologist studies animals.

the salary could go up to $60,000+

As of 2006 (I think...or maybe it was 2004?) there are about 20,000 zoologists working in the USA.

ecologists study the whole environment and the animals living in the environment. zoologists, they mainly study abt the animals.

The Benefits of becoming a Zoologist are of corse being able to be around some animals. Also, you can be everything that you love to do. Such as, being in the lab working with animals. Being in Zoos tending to animals. There are many thing that are benifical to being a Zoologist.

helping animals, working with others, and observing animals

A good career working with animals would be a zoologist, a zookeeper, or any kind of profession that has to do with the care of animals (veterinarian).

they examine animals to make sure that they are healthy and look at there environment to see if there are any changes that should be made in there diet or environment:)

How different Organization are working to improve the environment?

Yes a zoologist is an engineer

To become a zoologist you do need to go to collage and I would sugest that you don't hate working with animals. You probably want to take the core science classes in collage and computer science classes. Remember that being a zoologist isn't all fun and games. Most people want to be a zoologist because the think it would be fun to play with animals in a zoo. Well, you have to study and write down data about everything that the animal that you're working with does. Sometimes you even have to scetch the animal.

They at least need a bachelors degree and experience in working with animals in a professional manner.

Zookeeper Trainer Farmer Dog Catcher Zoologist Groomer

Each persons perfect working environment is different. Be sure to know the environment at the agency you are applying. Describe that environment during your interview.

The working environment of an embalmer is to be cleam and sanitary at all times. Because the are working with the dead. the working environment of an embalmer must be clean and saniterry at all times. and it must stay closed at all times because they are working with the dead.

You will be working in group practices frequently, you will be working on the job with a various of other workers. You will be working in a Sterile Environment.

a zoologist can work outdoors and indoors.

a zoologist works with animals

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