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The world famous Lipizzaner horse is strongly identified as having its origins in Czechoslovakia but is also linked with Austria

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Which breed of horse originated in Czechoslovakia with only blacks and grays?

Two different breeds of horse came from Czechoslovakia. From the Carpathian Mountain region there is the Hucul. And the Kladruby some of which are probably the predicesors to the Lippazaners of Austria.

What country came into existence as a result of world war 1?

Poland,Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia all came into existence as a result of WW1

What was the name of the famous Roman that hid in the Trojan horse in the city of Troy?

There was no Roman there, Rome did not yet exist. The horse was full of Greek soldiers, and the idea of the horse came from Odysseus.

Did Hitler invade Czechoslovakia?

Hitler wanted Germany to have a huge world wide empire like Britain. When he came to power he invaded nearly all the countries that Germany had been divided in e.g. Czechoslovakia and Austria

What countries did Russia take over in World War 2?

Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czechoslovakia, and what came to be East Germany.

Who won the 2nd World Cup and when?

Italy won the second ever World Cup in 1934. The glory came after a 2-1 victory over Czechoslovakia (after extra time).

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John McClain

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Austria was joined by Anschluss, Czechoslovakia was invaded after the annexation of the Sudetenland, then came Poland.....Poland

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Johnny Bower - of course he is more famous for hockey, but he did serve.

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The Norwegian Fjord horse.

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Andrew Hoy came 13th in the london 2012 olympics

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Horse racing came before horse shows.

A cowboy left on a Friday and came back on Monday did he take a horse with him?

Friday was the horse. ------------------------------------------ Nope, Monday was the horse. It says on a Friday, meaning he left that day. Then it says "and came back on Monday", stating he came back on a horse.

Why stalinism lingered in Czechoslovakia?

Because the Russians were occupying it when World War II ended, and it became a Soviet colony until the Iron Curtain came down in 1989.

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The Romans did not invent horse bridles. The Persians invented them and they spread around the Hellenistic world. When the Romans came into contact with this world, they adopted the bridles because they made it easier to direct the horse to the left and right and to signal the horse to slow down.

What famous world religious leader came from Poland?

Pope John Paul II came from Wadowice, Poland. He was an archibishop of Krakow.

Which orgin polka came from?

The polka is of Polish origin and also influenced by music from the former Czechoslovakia.

What is the origin of the surname osif?

According to an 1880s census, most of the Osifs that came into the US were from Czechoslovakia.

When did White Horse by Taylor Swift come out?

White Horse came out in 1586

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because they were offered a free ipad 3 if they came to america.

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How was the United Kingdom's treatment of Czechoslovakia different from its treatment of Poland in the years before World War 2?

The United Kingdom allowed Germany to take over part of Czechoslovakia, but it came to Poland's defense when Germany invaded. However, Britain was ill-prepared to stop the occupation of Poland by Germany and by the Soviet Union.