Austria is a landlocked country of approximately 8.3 million people in Central Europe. It is bordered by Switzerland and Liechtenstein to the west, Slovakia and Hungary to the east, Germany and the Czech Republic to the north and Slovenia and Italy to the south.

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What is the capital of Austria?

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The capital of the Republic of Austria is Vienna. It is also the country's largest city and seat of many international organisations. Wien is the German name of Vienna.
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What is the currency of Austria?

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The currency of Austria is the Euro (€).
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Who is the President of Austria?

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Alexander Van Der Bellen is the federal President of Austria. He took office on 2017 January 26.
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List of major cities of styria Austria?

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graz bruck a.d. mur leoben mürzzuschlag gleisdorf hartberg liezen
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What languages are spoken in Austria?

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Most people in Austria speak German, but there are a few minor languages spoken such as Turkish. The main and the only official language of Austria is German. German language German They speak German. As with most languages, there is a dialect, but the language is certainly German. German The official language of Austria is German. Slovene and Hungarian are other languages also spoken by the people in Austria. they speak German German. (To be more precise - Austrian dialect of German.) German Most of the people speak German. Although there are some villages where Turkish, French, Czech, and many other languages are spoken the national language and spoken all over the country is German. German German. Austrians speak German (Deutsch). However, they speak a bit differently from their German brothers. Austrians have a distinct accent and a slightly different vocabulary. The official language of Austria is German. German. No. They speak German, but it is a little bit different from German spoken in Germany (the same way that London English and New York City English are somewhat different). Yes it is. They speak the Austrian dialect of German. The principal language is officially called "Austrian German". Accredited is also the "Austrian sign language". A variety of German. German is the official language. German is the official language. Yes. High German (which is the German spoken in Germany) is the official language of Austria. Nearly all Austrians can speak High German, but a minority in the more rural, mountainous areas speak local dialects of German that are quite different from High German. German is the most common language, but the 3 official languages of Austria are German, Dutch and French. German. Officially Austria speaks German (with it's own dialects). But there are cultural links with the neighbouring countries... so some Austrians speak Slovenian, Hungarian, etc. While Austria has no official second language, a significant percentage of Austrians speak English as a second language, which makes it the language with the largest number of speakers in Austria after German, the national language. The main (and the official) language is German. German Austrians speak German. But with an Austrian dialect which is unmistakable to most German natives GERMAN German First off, Autriche is the French name for Austria. The major languages spoken there are German, Slovene, Croatian, and Hungarian.
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What was the language in Austria in 1848?

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The official language of Austria in 1848 was German. It still is.
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Is Austria a city?

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Austria is a country in Europe, not a city!
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What continent is Austria located in?

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Austria is located in Europe.
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What type of government does Austria have?

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Austria is a federal parliamentary republic. The current head of government (Federal Chancellor) is Werner Faymann. He heads a two-party coalition between the Social Democratic Party of Austria (centre left) and the Austrian People's Party (centre right).
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What are Austria's major bodies of water?

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Rivers are important in Austria. The Danube is the largest river.
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Which is an European country- Algeria Austria or Argentina?

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Austria is a European country. Austria is a European country.
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Which countries border Austria?

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Starting in the north and going clockwise, Austria borders: Germany Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary Slovenia Italy Liechtenstein Switzerland Austria is completely landlocked.
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Does the country Austria still exist?

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Austria is a country that touches Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.
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Why did king Louis 16 run to Austria?

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He wanted to get the King of Austria to come to France with his troops and kill everybody.
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What are some towns that begin with the letter H in Austria?

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Towns and cities of Austria in order of population: Hallein, state of Salzburg Hohenems, state of Voralberg Hall in Tirol, district of Tyrol Hard, state of Voralberg Hollabrunn, state of Lower Austria Hartberg, district of Styria
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What is the national flower for Austria?

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Austria's famous flower is the Edelweiss, a small white blossom that grows in the Alps. The Edelweiss was immortalized in a song by the same name in the musical and movie, The Sound of Music. Prettysharp. To set the record straight, "The Sound of Music" is an American musical set in Austria. It was written by Americans (Rodgers & Hammerstein) for an English speaking audience. There are no Austrian songs in it. Most Austrians know of the story of the Sound of music which is based on a popular Austro-German film of the 1950s called Die Familie Trapp. The story-line of the film is almost identical to the musical. A stage version of The Sound of Music was played in Vienna about 2007. edelweiss
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Who is Benjamin Austria?

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benjamin Austria is a filipino scientist
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How many countries border Austria?

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The countries bordering Austria are (clockwise) Germany and The Czech Republic (both northern), Slovakia and Hungary (both eastern). Slovenia and Italy border Austria in the south and Switzerland and Liechtenstein in the west.

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