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62 mph

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Q: What is the world running speed record per hour?
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What is the world record speed?

The world land speed record set in 1997 is 763 miles per hour (1228 kmh).

What is the world speed record for a pump trolley?

428.37 kilometers per hour.

What is the World record for running one hour?

21,101 meters by Arturo Barrios of Mexico

What is the top speed of a human being?

If you mean the top speed by running or sprinting, the answer is 37.578288 kilometers per hour or 23.350065 miles per hour. This record was set by Usain Bolt in the 2009 Berlin World Championships. If you are referring to the top speed of a manned aircraft, it would be the space shuttle, with the maximum speed of 17,320 miles per hour or 27,873.838 kilometers per hour.

What is the hurtling world record?

The hurtling world record was accomplished by Simone Origone. He reached the speed of 156.8 miles per hour on the slopes in France.

The world record for the 100meter dash is 9.78seconds what is this speed in miles per hour?

This means an average speed of 22.87 miles per hour over the distance of the race.

What is the world record of speed for a sailboat?

The highest sailboat speeds are by "non-displacement hull" sailboats, such as catamarans and trimarans. The world record speed attained, by official records, is 64 miles per hour for a trimaran.

Fastest water vehicle in the world?

The current record for water vehicle speed is held by the Spirit of Australia, a wooden speed boat built by Ken Wardy. The record speed is 317.596 miles per hour.

What animal is the fourth fastest in the world?

the fourth fastest animal in the world is the quarter horse running at a speed of 47.5 miles per hour

What is the land speed record in a car in km per hour?

250km per hour

What's the running speed of an average guy?

The average running speed of an average runner is 12 kilometers per hour.

Top running speed?

elephants can run at a speed of 25 miles per hour.

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