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What is bloom county?

Bloom County was an American comic strip by Berkeley Breathed.

What years did the Bloom County comic strip run?

The Bloom County comic strip by Berkeley Breathed began running on December 8th, 1980. The comic strip ran for around 9 years, ending on August 6th, 1989.

Who wrote the comic strip bloom county?

Berkeley Breathed

What is the original comic strip bill the cat appeared in?

Bloom County .

What is the url for Bloom County the comic strip? or see the link below .

What was Bloom County?

Bloom County was a comic strip by Berkeley Breathed. It followed the lives of residents of a small town called Bloom County, and often parodied politics and pop culture.

What is the WWW address URLfor bloom countythe comic strip?

the pizza place

What is the www address for the bloom county comic strip?

It does not appear that Bloom County itself has an official site. There is a site for the author Berkeley Breathed. There are also a few sites to read some of the old strips. See the related links below.

Who is the author of A Wish For Wings That Work?

'A Wish For Wings That Work' is a children's book by Berkeley Breathed, who is best known for his work on the 'Bloom County' comic strip. This book is about a character from Bloom County, Opus the penguin, and his Christmas wish to be able to fly.

Who is the illustrator of Bloom Country comic strip?

Guy Berkeley "Berke" Breathed

What is Berkeley Breathed famous for?

Berkeley Breathed is famous for the 1980 American cartoon comic strip "Bloom County". Also, in 1987 Breathed won a Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning.

What is hometown of Peanuts comic strip characters?

Hennepin County , Minneapolis

What is the official WWW address for Far Side the comic strip?

What was the name of the first comic strip?

The first comic strip was Popeye

Where is the seventh comic strip?

the seventh comic strip is in the photo place.

What is a comic strip event?

When a comic strip/the person who made it is celebrated.

What is the duration of The Comic Strip?

The duration of The Comic Strip is 1800.0 seconds.

What happened to the Cathy comic strip?

The comic strip is still being published.

What is a 6 cell comic strip?

it is a comic strip with six scenes or boxes

What is the root word for comic strip?

There isn't a root word for comic strip.

When did The Comic Strip end?

The Comic Strip ended on 2011-10-14.

When was The Comic Strip created?

The Comic Strip was created on 1982-11-02.

Common noun of comic strip?

both comic strip they are both one word

Greg Evans comic strip?

Greg Evans draws the comic strip Luann.

Where can you find a comic strip about a detective?

You can find a comic strip concerning a detective in the comic strip 'Dick Tracy' by Chester Gould ~ see related link below .

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