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The Amazon is the worlds biggest rain forest

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Q: What is the worlds biggest Rainforest?
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Where is the worlds biggest rainforest?

in south america

Where is the amazon the worlds biggest rainforest?

South America, mostly in Brazil.

On witch continent would you find the worlds largest tropical rainforest?

South America the amazon rainforest (tropical)

Is the amozon rainforest the biggest rainforest?

yes, the Amazon rainforest is the biggest.

What is the second biggest rainforest?

the 2nd biggest rainforest in the world other than the Amazon is the Congo rainforest in Africa.

What is the biggest rainforest and What is its name?

the Amazon rainforest is the biggest out of the any other rain forests

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What is the worlds biggest charity?

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Is the Amazon rainforest a real rainforest?

Of course it is a real rainforest! And the biggest too!

Where is the worlds largest rainforest?

South America

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