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This is a subjective thing which really cannot be answered. In a sense, every child abuse case is the worst, at least for that child.

There have been horrible real life cases like that of Debra Luptak. The Xctasy Garcia case is probably one of the worst. They poured bleach in her eyes, covered her with cigarette burns, and shattered most of the malnourished bones in her body. The thing was that Social Services did nothing. In fact, unknown to the social workers in her current state was that the mother was already on another state's child abuse registry.

There is a book called "Satan's Underground." While the veracity is uncertain in light of the "Satanic Ritual Abuse" scandals, the book has a heart-rending tale.

There have also been severe child abuse hoaxes. The Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) stories of the 1980's were horrible. Thankfully, they were not true for the most part. Many of the alleged acts were impossible, and there were no credible witnesses. The few witnesses that existed were subject to hypnosis or were coerced, so it seems the police created witnesses where there were none. Sadly, there were probably some copycat cases and splinter groups which did abuse in the name of "Satan," but there was no single organized ritual abuse movement as law enforcement officers and self-proclaimed experts asserted. Some did however use the controversy as a cover for criminal activities, and that is what inspired the father who put poison in the Halloween candy and blamed "Satanists."

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What is the first worst case of child abuse in California history?

Actually the third worst case is Dave Pelzer, the second worst case is Genie I do not know who the first case is but I am trying to figure it out

What is the worst child abuse case?

i would say ANY types of child abuse is the worst. its NEVER right to do that to a child. if i did have to say what would be the worst, would be death. some child abuse is so bad, it causes the child to die or kill themself. the parents out there whom have laid a harmful finger on thier child, they someday might kill themself.

Guinness Book of Records worst child abuse case in history?

david pelzer

What was the third worst case of child abuse in the state of California?

David Pelzer. He wrote a book called "A child called it"

What do parents do when they abuse their child?

They beat them. Starve them. And other hideous things...for a gruesome example, read "A Child Called 'It'" It's about the third worst case of abuse in CA history!!

What was the second worst case of child abuse in the state of California?

What does sexbc mean in a child abuse case?

It is a code that the courts use for child abuse.

What happens once a case of child abuse is confirmed?

If the abuse is bad enough, the child will be eventually be taken away.

I would like file a child abuse case in Brooklyn NY. The abuse occurred from 1965 through 1978-it involved myself but the abuse was the worst with my Brother so horrible can we prosecute our Mothe?

Visit a police precinct and they will give you all the information you need.

Is it illegal to spank a child in KY?

It is not illegal to spank a child in KY but it is illegal to abuse a child in all 50 states in the United States. The line between spanking and abuse can be determined on a case by case basis by a judge.

Does excessively shouting at a child count as child abuse?

Excessively shouting in the extreme can lead to hearing loss, and damage the esteem of the child leading to long term problems. If a person shouts too much at a child, then there Might be a case for child abuse. It depends on the situation. It must be judged on a case by case basis.

What has the author Rebecca Harrison written?

Rebecca. Harrison has written: 'Child abuse' -- subject(s): Case studies, Child abuse, Study and teaching

Is there bail in a child abuse case?

No there is absolutly NO BAIL in a child abuse case, however, if the case is only brought upon by the Child Protection Service or CPS, there normally is not even jail time, but if criminal charges were pressed by the county or by the CPS due to substantial findings of child abuse then the accuser will get jail time and no there is no bailing them out. They stay until their court hearing and possibly the sentencing hearing aswell.

The parent wasn't charged. How long with the child abuse case stay with the child?

until the child turn 18

Who are the characters in the book A child called it?

They aren't characters; the book is an account of a severe child abuse case.

Can you win a child abuse case if you have evidence?

Generally evidence is what's needed to win any case.

Is it the responsibility of the physician to report a child abuse case?

Many professionals are mandated to report abuse. Physicians are mandatory reporters.

Where does child abuse occur?

Anywhere a child and perpetrator might be together, in the same location at the same time. Abuse does not occur in one place... and every case is different.

What is the worst case of child abuse in California?

Note: All child abuse cases are different and can be molestation to rape and murder. This is the most publicized case of child abuse by the media, but not the worse case in California history was the abuse of Dave Pelzer and the abused stopped on March 5, 1973. Until he was the age of four he was treated very well by his parents, but then the loving and safety of his home changed to horror when it was replaced with fear, starvation and being chained to a toilet and he knew nothing but fear and loneliness. David Pelzer has a book out, called 'A Child Called it' and it won the Pulitzer Prize.You can read more about David Pelzer on the website below.

How does child abuse affect communities?

Child abuse impacts how state welfare systems handles abuse cases. Additional tax monies are used to prosecute abusers and for social services workers to investigate each case.

What has the author Leslie Maureen Tutty written?

Leslie Maureen Tutty has written: 'Husband abuse' -- subject(s): Husband abuse, Abused husbands 'The efficacy of child abuse prevention programs for elementary school children' -- subject(s): Child abuse, Evaluation, Prevention, Drama, Hamilton-Wentworth Child Abuse Prevention Project, Case studies

What was the worst child abuse case in California?

Baby brianna is the worst thing I have ever seen or read,my heart goes out to all those babies and children that have been treated in such a disgusting way,the saddest thing of all is that nearly all have read and seen its mainly the animal parents responsible.

Where can one find a child abuse lawyer?

If there is suspected child abuse then the first thing that should be done is the police should be involved. Once the local police department is called they will place the case in the care of Child Protective Services and a lawyer will be provided for the child.

Is it a crime if your four year old step daughter walks in and sees you and your wife having sex her father claims it is Child Abuse or Endangerment?

No. Child abuse is sexually exploiting the child, that is not happening here - she is just being exposed to it. Because she was not forced to watch it happen, she just walked in, it is not a case of either child abuse or endangerment.

Cases involving teacher in the Philippines?

One case in Philippines is a teacher who got six years for child abuse. Another case was against a teacher who punished a child, and he subsequently died.

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