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The worst thing a guy can do to hurt his girlfriend is by taking her off his phone number then dumping her then flirt with another girlfriend!


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Of course it is are you crazy that is the worst thing to do to a guy you can really hurt their feelings.

hurt him with the one thing he cares the most. find a way like if he has a girlfriend tell her what happen then ask her if she would cheat on him

THE WORST: kill someone THE BEST: have sex

There is no such thing as a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend, or relationship for that matter. Be who you are, and if its meant to be, it will be.

you simply ask him out and see what he says the worst thing he can do is say no.

Ouch, you are being taken advantage of! Get out of this relationship, he will not leave his girlfriend and you will always play second fiddle. Plus, do you really want a guy who cheats? If he cheats on his girlfriend with you, you can be sure he will cheat on you if you become the new girlfriend. This relationship is not going to last, if you are just having fun with a good looking guy, think of the girlfriend who has no idea and how it would hurt if she found out. What if you were her? GET OUT OF THAT RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!HE IS USING YOU!!!!!DONT MESS WITH A GUY WHOHAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!

Just be honest and ask him. (:What's the worst thing that would happen ?

Well, Not to be negative Nellie or anything but you can't exactly GET a guy to break up with his girlfriend, and on the plus side, if you get a guy to break up with his girlfriend some how it may cause the girl to be very sad, and you don't want to hurt anybody do you? So the answer is time, just wait for when they have a fight and maybe they will break up.

I think it means this boy loves you more as a friend or he wants you instead of his current girlfriend. It either means that he loves you but not enough to end it with his girlfriend or that he loves you but he doesn't want to hurt her.

If this guy loved you then he would be with you. Considering he has a girlfriend it makes it very clear that he isn't interested in anyone else. Love can hurt sometimes and people we love don't always love us back.

I'm going through the same thing right now. The best thing to do is to try and not make him break up with her... that's the worst thing you can do! but you should tell him how you feel and just talk to him a lot and if you really care about him you can i am... and if you don't have the will to wait than move on, there are plenty of guys out there! good luck (:

if you like him say yes if not........... the worst thing to say is no......its really not that hard!

If you like a guy that has a girlfriend, you should only like him from afar.

If a guy tells his friends that his girlfriend is quality, he means that she is a great girlfriend.

It depends what the guy likes, and don't ever keep talking and talking and talking and talking and so on trust mwa.

If he has a girlfriend you should not try as it will just cause bitterness all round. The best thing you can do is find someone else.

Just giggle at every thing he thinks is funny. It worked for my girlfriend.

Well when something really bad happens between a girl and a guy then they think its the worsest thing anyone can ever do however if a good thing happens between a girl and a guy they say its the bestest thing anyone can ever do! :)

well the first thing you need to ask yourself does he have a girlfriend? if yes, is she your friend and if no, then whats stopping you if you want someone, girlfriend or not, go for it. that's what i did and guess what, now the guy likes ME

To me the worst thing would have been for the people waitng to hear Lincoln speak was that they had to listen to the guy before him for two or three hours

You should tell him that you cannot be with a man who's with another girl and hurt someone else like that i mean get real.

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