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What is the worth of 1 US dollar in Euros?

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Exchange rates change every day so any answer posted here would be out of date almost immediately. While it's not normal WikiAnswers policy to say "use the internet", that's the best approach in this case. You can check a site such as, CNNMoney, etc. for the latest conversion factors.

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How much is a us dollar worth in euros?

The rate changes daily but at this time 1 US Dollar = 0.75 Euros

How much is a dollar worth in Spain?

1 us dollar0.78817 euros in Spain ==

How much is a us dollar worth in republika slovenija?

1 dollar is 0.781 euros

What is the us dollar equivilant of euros?

As of today (02APR2011), 1 Euro is worth about $1.42 US Dollars, and 1 US Dollar is worth about 0.70 Euro.

What is worth more the us dollar or the euro?

The Euro is worth more. 1 Euro = 1.34 US Dollars OR 1 US Dollar = .75 Euros

How many euros are in a US dollar?

1 dollar = 0.799 euros.

How many euros are equal a US dollar?

1 us dollar is equal to 0.7566 euros

What is the euro to the dollar?

As of 3 July 2014, the Euro is currently worth 1.37 US Dollars. Conversely, 1 US Dollar is worth .73 Euros.

How much is a one dollar worth?

1 dollar = 1 dollar or 1 dollar= .75 euros

How much is French money worth compard to the US dollar?

It is worth $0.65. France is a member of the European Union and does business in Euros. One Euro = 1.3757 US dollars. So, 1 US dollar equals .7269 Euros.

How many euros are in one dollar?

1 US dollar is equal to 0.7130 euros

What is the exchange rate of us currency to German?

1 US dollar is currently worth 0.761 euros. 1 Euro is currently worth 1.314 US dollars.

Is the euro worth more than a dollar?

Yes. Here are the exchange rates: 1 US Dollar = .75 Euros OR 1 Euro = 1.34 US Dollars

How much is a German dollar worth in us dollars?

Germans use euros and 1.34 american money is worth 1 euro

How much is 300 euros in us currency?

0.732 Euro is equal to 1 dollar so the Euro is worth more than a dollar.

How much does a US dollar equals to in the country Spain?

1 US Dollar= 0.734348 Euros.

How much money would 1 dollar in the us be in Luxembourg?

0.812348 euros is the same as 1 US dollar.

How many US dollars are in 5000 French francs?

France no longer uses the franc as its currency. It now uses the Euro. 1 US dollar is currently (March 2014) worth 0.72 Euros so 5000 US dollars is worth 3600 Euros.

How much is the American dollar worth in Euro?

As of June 21, 2009: 1 U.S. dollar = 0.716486351 Euros As of May 10, 2011 " = 0.6965 Euros

What is the French currency compared to the US dollar?

France uses euros so the going rate now is 1 dollar=1.4584 euros

How many euros equals 1 us dollar?

As of 8th June 2009, $1 = 0.72 Euros (72 cents)

How many us dollars do you have if you have 60.00 euros?

It depends on when you ask. Today, the exchange rate is...1 US dollar = 0.7211 euros

How much is an Australian dollar in France euro?

1 Australian Dollar is worth 0.5890 Euros as at 15Sep09 Note that Euros are used in much of Europe, not just in France.

How much is an Australian dollar worth in the US?

1 Australian dollar is worth 1.06 Dollar in US

1 euro equal to how many cents?

1 US dollar = 0.7721 euros