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100-500 USD

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โˆ™ 2009-04-25 00:17:36
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Q: What is the worth of a used Weatherby 12 gauge auto shotgun with walnut stocks and no engraving?
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What were Crescent shotgun stocks made of?


What type of wood are gun stocks made out of?

Gun stocks are made of walnut and cheaper ones are made of maple.

What type of wood used in tikka rifle stocks?

Walnut, birch, laminates

How do you know if you have pigeon 1897 shotgun?

For starters, both sides of the receiver frame will be engraved with a game hunting scene. Second, it will have deluxe (3X) walnut stocks that are checkered. Third, the breech bolt is engraved "PIGEON GUN".

Does the 1905 model have checkering on the stock and forearm?

Not usually. The standard Model 1905 was made with plain non-checkered walnut stocks. There were a scant few Deluxe guns made that have high quality walnut stocks that were checkered. Bert H.

What is a wwgreener 12 gauge double barrell double hammer with engraving walnut stock worth?

Professional appraisal required

What type of wood for T barker 12 gauge shotgun?

Walnut, beech, birch, ash

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge J Stevens Arms Company Model G20-A shotgun in excellent condition?

Stevens guns were marked J. Stevens Arms Co from 1920 to 1942. Utility grade slide action shotgun, blued finish and walnut stocks. NRA Poor = $50, Excellent = $150. Manufactured 1926 to 1945.

What colour is the stock for a browning double auto 12 gauge shotgun?

stock is standard american walnut, no stain.

Did browning make a 10 gauge pump with a walnut stock?

Yes, and they still do make a BPS 10ga. Wood stocks are the Hunter Model

Where can you find information about Browning Belgian-made stocks from twisted trees?

Not sure what the basis of this question is. The stock providers for either FN or Browning (some guns were stocked overseas, others stocked in the US) would not have accepted stock blanks that were twisted. If you are referring to stocks with considerable figure and grain, those are French walnut or American Claro walnut, depending on model.

What is handle of shot gun made from?

Shotguns do not have handles. They have stocks and forends, and in some cases grips. These parts are usually made of wood, such as walnut, or plastic.

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