What is the year and value of Sears Roebuck JC Higgins model 60 12 gauge semi auto shotgun with 583600?

The "583" indicates a gun made for Sears by either Hi Standard or Harrington & Richardson, but I don't show a direct hit on the "600" part of the number. And to confuse things a bit more, A JC Higgins Model 60 cross-references to a Sears Model 60 - that's almost as helpful as saying a V8 Impala is a V8 Chevy! I can tell you that the JC Higgins name was used for Sears sporting goods from 1908 through 1960. A store-branded shotgun will bring about 2/3 as much as the same gun marked with the manufacturer's name, and a Hi Standard autoloading shotgun will be hard-pressed to bring $300 in top condition.


i have the same gun given to me by my gradfather. we have the same gun numbers and everything/. he told me the gun was bought in the mid 1930s. don't know the price on it.\\

The 583.600 was the last of the model 60's and was probably introduced in mid to late 1956. After Novemner 1956, there would be an assembly date code on the barrel. Most cross references for the sears guns made for High Stadanrd are not correct.

This link shows when the gun was offered in the Sears catalog. 1030 iis way tooo early