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This gun was made in 1961


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Impossible to answer without the serial number.

No way to answer without a serial number

Your serial number indicates that it was produced in the year 1951.

The .410 Browning A5 is an urban legend. Browninig never produced a .410 A5. No

Up to 1975. A few were still made in Belgium in 1976 when A5 production shifted to Japan.

With the serial number L52017,your Browning auto-5 light weight model shotgun was made by FN of Belgium for Browning in the year 1955.

Your Browning auto-5 shotgun with the prefix of 70s to the serial number identifies that your shotgun was made in Belgium for Browning in the year 1970.

Browning Auto-5 manufactured in 1965 by FN of Belgium has a sn function listed under customer service.

I will need for you to include the serial number of your shotgun,so that I may date it for you.

your browning shotgun was made in 1961 with the 1Z prefix to the serial number you provided.

Serial number. Go to Browning's site, click on support, then date your firearm.

50-550 usd.If you are asking the age of your Browning auto-5 shotgun?Then with the serial number that you have provided,your shotgun was made in Belgium in the year 1947.

your browning auto-5 was made in 1951.

The 6G prefix dates your shotguns manufacture date to the Year 1966.

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