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What is the year of an Ithica model 37 with a serial number of 1849982?


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It appears that the Ithaca in question was made in 1969


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That is not the serial number. It is the Patent Number. The serial number is found below this number. The Model 37 I have has this patent number on it and the serial number is 24071. I would also like to know the manufacture date of this rifle.

with that s/n the gun was mfg in 1969, but if it has 37 in front of it then it was mfg 1973-74.

According to my records it was made in 1910. (From "Ithaca Gun Company: From the Beginning")

By the number 762694-2 you can look it up here you may have to look more in depth as in the details of the gun and serial number

You have a Knick model, named after the designer, Frank Knickerbocker. This design was introduced in 1922 and ran until 1988 when it was discontinued. The previous design, The Flues model, ended at serial number 399,000 in 1922, so your serial number places the manufacture date not too long after the gun was introduced.

if it's model 1911 45 cal pistol it was made by Colt in 1918

Patent number is not relevant. Value depends on age and condition.

model number is always smaller than serial

! would think the gun is worth $275.00. not sure what the s means. That could add another $50-100 to the value UPDATE: From the Serial Number provided, this is a 1983 model Skeet Shotgun. I think it is a shame that someone would answer your question and have no idea what the S indicates.

You can not tell the model number with just the serial number.

Gun was made in 1961. Value is 100 to 350 depending on condition.

Go to Click on Resourses Click on Ithaca Serial Numbers A new Window will pop up ..... Models, Serial Numbers, and Manufacturing dates Scroll down to model 37 repeater pump Scroll down to Year All Models 1965 891001- 927000 This is your answer

ithica may or may not have a collectors web site, try forums ithica may or may not have a collectors web site, try forums

Virtually impossible to tell a model from just the serial number.

is that the serial number of a model A ford ?? or firearms ?? If a firearm, who made it and what is the model ????

No way to tell model number from just the serial number.

Determining the model from just the serial number is virtually impossilbe.

There are too many numbers in your serial number. Ithaca didn't make 1.8 million shotguns - the doubles ran to less than half a million. If the serial is really 184982, your Flues model was made between 1908 and 1926. The value will depend on which of the 11 grades you have and what its condition really is. That is not the serial number it's the patent number. I recently purchased an Ithaca 12 ga with the same patent number; however, I am unable to locate any serial number.

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