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It was produced in 1974.

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your colt detective special dates to the year 1949 by the serial number provided.

Are you sure the serial number is correct? The Colt detective special was first produced in 1927 with a starting serial number of 331000,The Colt police positive special from which the Colt detective special was derived from with the serial number 153817 was made in 1918

The Colt detective special was derived from the Colt positive special in 1927and the starting serial number for that year was 331000 so the serial number you show of 3021 does not match up as a Colt detective special. Now if the serial number was 383021 then it was made in 1930.

Colt Detective Special serial number 45418M is within the range 19201M - 59999M which was manufactured in 1977.

Are you sure the detective special serial number started with AE? I do not show a DS starting with 2 letters.

Please check your serial number or model number because the detective special does not show a AE prefix to the serial numbers in my records.

The serial number you give is too low to be a Colt detective special. Colt detective specials were produced in 1927 starting with serial number 331000.They were cut-down versions of the Colt police positive specials. Now the Colt police positive special with that serial number was made in 1912.

Colt Detective Special revolvers are serialized inside the crane. Here's a hint: that's not the model number.

1964 Police Positive Special & Detective Special

Would need serial number to answer.

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

Impossible to answer without a serial number.

No such serial number for the Colt detective special, please resubmit.If you mean 700200, than 1957 would be the year. If you mean 700020, it would be the same, 1957.

The Colt detective special only debuted in 1927 It was a shorten version of the Colt police positive special that debuted in 1908. What is the serial number of this Colt?

Production date is 1977 for serial numbers: 19201M-59999M. Don't know what the X is.

Impossible to answer without the serial number.

You will have to call Colt to find out.

A Colt detective special with that serial number would be 83 years old. Made in 1928.

Per , with that serial number, it was made in 1977.

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