What is the yearly income of a anesthesiologist?

Quickly, an anesthesiologist is a fully qualified medical doctor with 5 years of post-graduate (residency) training in anesthesia. These are the doctors that manage patients' sleep while under anesthetic for surgery. Within the medical field, anesthesia is also regarded as the specialty under which pain management falls. You may also see anesthesiologists managing patients in the ICU, although ICU patients may also be managed by internists that have done a critical care fellowship.

Most physicians, including anesthesiologists, are paid on a fee-for-service basis. That is, they do not get a salary or hourly wage per se, but rather get paid a specific amount for performing a specific task. So overall annual income for any physician, including anesthesiologists, is dependent on how much they work, and what exactly they do.

Having said that, if put in terms of a wage, 250-350 dollars per hour would be a reasonable estimate, making $500000 to $700000 annually a ball park figure for any anesthesiologist that is working reasonably hard (40-60 hours per week). Of course, someone able to keep up 70 hours per week or more may have a seven figure income.